UD Trucks Hosts CSR Event for Children of Shelter Home

UDTrucks -TCIE- shelter Home
UDTrucks -TCIE- shelter Home

The staff from UD Trucks Hub Malaysia, with participation from sole distributor Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), recently held a year-end corporate social responsibility (CSR) event that brought much merriment and unique experiences for the children of Shelter Home in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

UD Trucks Demonstrates Social Responsibility

The half-day event featured diverse activities, including a ‘get-to-know-a-truck’ road safety awareness, live virtual tour of Singapore Zoo and pen pal programme with children from orphanage homes in the Philippines and Japan, where similar CSR events were simultaneously held by UD Trucks’ staff in the respective region.

The event commenced with Supriono Madayin, General Manager, UD Trucks Hub Malaysia, introducing the CSR initiative as a reflection of UD Trucks’ corporate purpose of creating a better life for people.

Shelter Home, established in 1981, provides a safe place for abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children in need to live. It offers education and counselling support to 35 children, both boys and girls, aged between five and 18.

“A part of  UD Trucks’ ‘Better Life for the People’ is to engage with the less fortunate communities around us. One of the main activities we consistently conduct around the world is a traffic safety programme for school-going children to educate and impart awareness on ways to prevent traffic accidents, particularly those involving trucks. The children learn and participate in activities with actual heavy-duty trucks to demonstrate blind spots, the sheer truck size and the space required when turning corners,” shared Supriono….

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UD Trucks 为Shelter Home 孩童带来欢乐


马来西亚UD卡车中心(UD Trucks Hub Malaysia)最近举办了一场年终企业社会责任(CSR)活动,并与独家经销商陈唱工业用具有限公司(TCIE)的职员一起为雪兰莪八打灵再也Shelter Home的孩子们带来了许多欢乐和独特的体验。

在这半天的活动中,孩子们参与了各种体验式活动,包括“了解卡车”道路安全醒觉运动、参加新加坡动物园虚拟之旅,以及结交菲律宾和日本儿童院的笔友。值得一提的是,UD Trucks的员工也在他们各自的区域同步举办了类似的企业社会责任活动。

马来西亚UD卡车中心总经理苏普里奥诺(Supriono Madayin)以该公司的企业社会责任倡议简介,拉开了Shelter Home 活动的帷幕。他说,UD Trucks通过其企业社会责任倡议,体现了它致力于为人们创造更美好生活的企业宗旨。

Shelter Home成立于1981年,旨在为那些受虐待、被遗弃、被忽视或处于高风险状况的小孩提供安全住所。此外,Shelter Home也为这些小孩提供教育和辅导。目前,有35名年龄在5岁至18岁之间的男孩和女孩在Shelter Home居住。

苏普里奥诺说:“UD Trucks‘让人们过上美好生活’(Better Life for the People)理念的核心价值之一是与我们周围不幸的社会群体建立联系。我们在世界各地进行的其中一项计划是学生交通安全意识活动,旨在教育和宣传防范交通意外的方法,尤其是涉及卡车的交通事故。我们通过使用真正的重型卡车向孩子们传授知识,展示卡车的盲点,让他们了解卡车的体积和转弯时所需的空间……”


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