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Siphonblock Anti-Siphon Device: Stopping Fuel Theft from Trucks Since 2007

Siphonblock Anti-Siphon Device

A Siphonblock device is seen as a value-for-money investment as it could last the lifespan of the truck.

Stop Fuel Theft Now with Siphonblock Device

Diesel fuel theft from trucks happens often enough in Malaysia to be a thorny issue.

Many truck fuel tanks are fitted with an extension to the tank neck, which is commonly called the ‘Big Weld’.

While the ‘Big Weld’ is effective at stopping fuel theft, it doesn’t address important issues such as very slow fuel filling times, fuel blowback, reduced time for PDC routines, driver R&R and the risk of the extended tank neck rupturing in a ‘rollover’ incident.

One option in resolving the diesel fuel theft issue is Siphonblock’s anti-siphon device that has been in the market since 2007. This innovative device allows a 400-litre tank to be filled in 8 to 10 minutes without spillage (with a 120 litre/minute fuel pump).

The Siphonblock anti-siphon unit is made from galvanised 6mm gauge steel and there are two baskets fitted with holes – one basket is offset to the other by approximately 50 per cent. As a result, the holes on the unit are extremely small and this design effectively stops petty fuel theft.  Air could easily escape as the tank is filled, so there would be no ‘blowback’ spillage. The unit could be easily fitted in about 10 to 12 minutes, but it is very difficult to remove.

A Siphonblock team recently checked a unit fitted in 2008 and found it perfectly intact.

A Siphonblock anti-siphon unit adds only 2 inches to the height of the fuel tank neck.

For box vans, where there is a small clearance between the tank and box assembly, Siphonblock offers a ‘low neck’ device. The Siphonblock anti-siphon device could fit about 95 per cent of the trucks in Malaysia, with Tata Motors and XCMG being the latest additions.

Siphonblock also has solutions for Heavy Machinery, CAT machines as well as Komatsu and CASE construction equipment. Solutions for New Holland tractors are close to being ready for the market.

“While GPS systems could track fuel consumed and larger quantity of fuel stolen, you get the news after the theft had taken place. Why accept this fuel theft? Especially when you could put a cost effective physical barrier to stop the theft,” said a Siphonblock executive.

He noted that the GPS fuel dipstick was often only accurate to about 95 per cent. “So, for a 400-litre tank, up to 20 litres could be removed before the system recognises the loss.”

A Siphonblock device is seen as a value-for-money investment as it could last the lifespan of the truck. And with diesel fuel prices likely to continue rising, diesel theft would continue to be a headache for fleet operators.

Regarding prices, a Siphonblock device costs RM340 for a heavy truck but prices could be lowered according to a fleet pricing policy based on a customer’s total truck fleet size.

Extra charges apply for delivery and fitting.

Siphonblock Anti-Siphon装置:自2007年以来停止卡车燃油盗窃

屡屡发生的卡车柴油盗窃事情, 成为大马车队运营者一个棘手的问题。为此,许多卡车油箱都安装上一个被普遍称为“Big Weld”的延伸油箱颈。

“Big Weld”能够有效阻止燃油偷窃,却无法解决重要的问题如添油时间较长,燃油倒流、降低PDC例程时间、司机的休息及放松,以及在卡车“翻覆”时,油箱颈爆裂。

解决柴油偷窃的其中一个方法是采用自2007年以来就推出市场的Siphonblock 反虹吸管装置。该创新装置能够透过每秒120升的燃油泵在8至10秒不溢漏燃油的情况下,将400升的油箱加满。

Siphonblock 反虹吸管由6毫米镀锌钢制成,配备两个有孔的篮子—其中一个篮子与另一个偏移近50 % 。这样一来,该装置的洞孔就变得极小,此设计有效阻止小偷盗窃小量燃油。当油箱加满时,空气就能轻易流出,避免“倒流”溢漏。


Siphonblock也拥有适合重型机械、CAT机器及Komatsu和CASE的建筑设备解决方案。此外,适合新荷兰(New Holland)牵引车的解决方案很快就能面市。

“GPS系统能够追踪燃油的消耗和大量的燃油盗窃,但是当你收到消息时,盗窃已经发生。为什么要让燃油盗窃发生?当你可以用一个非常省钱的装置停止燃油被窃取。” Siphonblock执行员表示。

他注意到GPS燃油测量的准确度只有约95%。“因此,一个容量400升的油箱,往往到了20 升燃油被偷走后,才会被GPS系统侦测到。”

Siphonblock装置被视为是物有所值的投资,它的使用寿命与卡车的一样长。 随着柴油价格的不断攀升,柴油盗窃将成为车队营运者最头痛的问题。


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