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Fuel Theft Happens in Malaysia

Siphonblock AFT Enterprise has supplied anti-fuel theft devices for trucks since 2007 that suits all the vehicles.

Stop Fuel Theft Today with Siphoblock Device

We could see that it’s a regular event because we see such large extensions to a truck’s fuel tank. They are normally put together by local workshops and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

They do a very good job of stopping petty fuel theft, but create issues that only become apparent when the trucks are on the road. We call these the ‘Big Weld’. 

Fast filling could help fast turnaround times for a truck to get the best possible utilisation.   

When checking with drivers however, Siphonblock AFT Enterprise says it hears stories about a 40-minute filling time – admittedly this was for a 500-litre tank – and the driver conceded that he only filled up with 150 litres at a time. So he was lucky enough to have many ‘teh tarik’ breaks!  Naturally Siphonblock followed up with this company and it had been using its devices for the last 2-3 years. These times are based on drivers filling the tanks at R&R stops where pump speeds are high.

Of course, if a driver is faced with a very slow filling speed, he is likely to become frustrated and try to fill as quickly as possible. This would very likely lead to fuel spillage (blow-back).

While this spillage is perhaps only 0.25 litre for each time the filling is made, it’s a very small issue to the truck owner.  But if you add up the cost of lost fuel over the 10-year life span of trucks fitted with the ‘Big Weld’ in your fleet it would be quite considerable! The ‘Big Weld’ is not efficient on this basis. 

However, that’s not the end of the story. In all of Malaysia, there are about 1.4 million trucks registered. Let’s presume there are 500,000 prime movers, of which 50 per cent are fitted with this ‘Big Weld’. 

These trucks need the tanks to be filled on say an average of three times a week. And there is an average spillage of 0.25 litre for every second tank filling? 

Annually, what would the cost to the Industry be for all this spilled diesel fuel?  RM20-30 million? Or possibly more? 

For Siphonblock, the company sees the biggest issue in the breaks a driver takes as filling the tank might stop him from resting and checking the truck. 

The break could probably be an hour?

What does the driver need to do? Rest? Maybe take a quick 20-minute power nap? Eat? 20 minutes? Pray? 15 minutes? Fill the Tank 30 minutes?

And before setting off on his trip he should carry out a Pre-Drive Check? Tyres OK? Load secure? Lights OK?  5-10 minutes?  These jobs already take 90 minutes. 

If he’s under time pressure, what is the driver most likely to miss doing? The quick ‘power nap’? And the Pre-drive check of the truck?  

Missing both of these could be potentially dangerous as firstly, driver fatigue is one of the main causes of traffic accidents in Malaysia. Secondly, by being able to check the tyres he might spot damage that could cause a blow-out during the next journey sector. Tyre blowouts are dangerous, possibly lethal and expensive if a cargo is lost or a deadline missed. 

Fitting a Siphonblock device that is supplied by the company, this is said to allow a tank to be filled in about 8 minutes. No spillage.  A happy rested driver.  And a safer road environment. 

Based in Batu caves, Selangor, Siphonblock AFT Enterprise has supplied anti-fuel theft devices for trucks since 2007 that suits all the vehicles from Europe, America, Japan, China and India.




从卡车油缸上的防盗加油管,我们知道大马经常发生燃油盗窃。这些防盗加油管一般是本地修车厂安装的,有不同的尺寸和形状。它们能够禁止小量燃油盗窃,但却会在卡车上路时发生问题。我们称这些燃油防盗装置为“ Big Weld” 

快速的添油,可以为卡车带来更快的周转时间 ,以取得最佳的卡车出勤率。 

但是当Siphonblock AFT 企业向司机查问时,他们听到的是500升油缸的添油时间是40分钟, 而司机坦言他每次只加了150 升的燃油。他因此很幸运地拥有许多次停下来休息和喝拉茶的时间!该公司跟随了在过去的2-3年里使用他们防燃油盗窃装置的客户。这些添油时间是都是以司机在R&R 加油站添油的时间作为依据,油泵的速度非常快。 


虽然每次添油溢出的燃油只有 0.25升 ,这对卡车业主来说只是小问题。但如果你将过去10年安装上Big Weld的卡车每次添油所损失的燃油成本总计起来,它将是个大数额!Big Weld在这方面更本没有效率。 

然而这不是故事的结局。大马有近140万辆注册卡车。假设有500,000辆牵引车,其中有50% 安装上‘Big Weld’ 。假如说这些卡车每星期平均添油3次?每一次添油时,每秒平均溢出的燃油为 0.25升?每年该行业溢出的柴油成本有多少?200-300 万令吉? 



司机会做些什么? 休息?或小睡20分钟恢复精神?用膳?20分钟?祈祷?15分钟?为卡车添油30分钟?而在启程前,他应执行驾驶前检查?轮胎OK 吗?载荷是否安全?车灯OK? 5-10 分钟?这些工作已经用了90 分钟。 




位于雪兰莪黑风洞,Siphonblock AFT 企业自2007年以来就为欧洲、美国、中国及印度制造的卡 车提供燃油防盗装置。





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