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Siphonblock Now Supports Chinese Brand Trucks with Anti-Fuel Theft Devices

Siphonblock Chinese Trucks

Siphonblock now offer devices for them including Foton Daimler, Dong Feng, Howo, CAMC, Sinotruk, and  a range of XCMG trucks.

Siphonblock Anti-Theft Devices Covers 95% of Trucks in Malaysia

Bad News! Petty fuel theft looks like it would be a problem for the foreseeable future in Malaysia.

The Good News? Siphonblock could deliver devices for 95 per cent of trucks in the Malaysian market! And this includes some new devices for the growing Chinese brands.

From the many inefficient ‘Big Weld’ solutions to the news that both Scania and Volvo have devices fitted as standard, there is the indication that petty fuel theft is still a problem! Specific details reveal that Scania offers an aluminium device while Volvo goes for a combination device that includes an ‘Anti Spill Valve’ and Anti Siphon device. So, two of the most well-known brands are taking steps to help customers stop this type of theft.

But what’s happening in the other segments of the market?

For those buying rebuilt trucks, the company said the following information might be useful:

The ex UK import/rebuilt trucks very often have such devices already fitted – with UK diesel prices at RM7.88/litre and more, the fuel is really worth protecting! However, these are normally made of aluminium and Siphonblock AFT Enterprise has seen quite a few with their bases knocked out. Aluminium being ‘brittle’ could be shattered and needs replacing.

As for the Japanese import/rebuilt trucks, the company believes no devices are fitted to them. During a visit to Japan earlier this year, Siphonblock AFT Enterprise could see no evidence of any anti siphon devices being fitted. Knowing a little of the Japanese culture, the company thinks the problem is likely to be very small.  So the truck fuel tanks are completely unprotected.

To Siphonblock AFT Enterprise’s knowledge, no other OEMs consistently offer protection against this type of theft. Some work with Siphonblock to supply a product when a customer requests a solution. But many customers just do not know about the options available and resort to fitting the ‘Big Weld’, which as discussed in earlier articles, is quite inefficient, particularly with tank filling times. This is unlike the Siphonblock units that allow filling a 400-litre tank in 8 minutes. This has led to Siphonblock working to develop the awareness of what the company does.

Siphonblock offers devices for 95 per cent of all trucks and buses in Malaysia. This covers Japanese brands such as Hino, Fuso, Isuzu and Nissan, and European brands like Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, MAN and DAF. There are also solutions for Reefer Genset tanks, among others.

As a result of the good growth achieved and the future expectations of the Chinese brands, Siphonblock now offer devices for them including Foton Daimler, Dong Feng, Howo, CAMC, Sinotruk, and  a range of XCMG trucks.




好消息?覆盖大马市场95% 卡车的Siphonblock防盗油装置,如今推出了适合中国卡车品牌的产品。

从许多效率极低的“Big Weld”解决方案到斯堪尼亚和沃尔沃卡车开始标配防盗油装置看来,少量盗油仍是一个卡车业主普遍面对的问题! 据悉,斯堪尼亚采用铝制防盗油装置,而沃尔沃采用的是一个包含“防溢阀”和防虹吸管的防盗油组合装置。因此,这两个著名品牌开始采取行动来协助客户停止盗窃。



前英国进口/重建卡车一般都已经配备了一些防盗油装置—英国柴油价格每公升为7 .88令吉及以上,因此绝对值得采取防盗油措施。然而它们一般采用的是铝制防盗油装置,而Siphonblock AFT企业看到的是它们的底部都被拆卸了下来。易脆的铝制装置容易被打碎和需要更换。


据Siphonblock AT 企业的了解,没有任何一家原装配备制造商会提供一致性的盗油保护。 当客户要求一个解决方案时,有些制造商就会与Siphonblock合作。但是有许多客户根本不知道有这个选择而去安装“Big Weld”。关于“Big Weld”的种种已经在之前的文章中讨论过,它的效率相当低,特别是注油入油缸的时间。Siphonblock只要8分钟就能够将400公升的油缸填满。

Siphonblock 为大马市场上95%的卡车和巴士提供防盗油装置。这包括日本品牌如日野、扶桑及五十铃,欧洲品牌如沃尔沃、马赛地、斯堪尼亚及达夫等。另外,还有适用于冷藏发电机油缸等。


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