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SAF-Holland Pioneers New Products and Live Demonstrations

SAF-Holland Products

SAF-Holland unveiled its new products while also focusing on its digital products for fleet operators at IAA 2018.

SAF Holland Reveals Mechanical Components

During the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, SAF-Holland gave a preview of the future of commercial vehicles: The specialist for axles and fifth wheels unveiled its new products while also focusing on its digital products for fleet operators. Different live demonstrations at the exhibition booth took IAA visitors into the world of the commercial vehicles of tomorrow.

SAF-Holland was driving the digital networking of commercial vehicles and logistics chains and connecting mechanical components with sensor systems for its innovations. “With our products and systems, we make the transport world of tomorrow more efficient and sustainable. IAA 2018 once again provided us with the perfect platform for presenting our intelligent mechanical and digital solutions for trucks and trailers,” announces SAF-Holland CEO Detlef Borghardt.

Individual activity areas at the exhibition booth effectively presented the combination of mechanical components and sensor systems. A live demonstration impressively illustrated how the SAF Adaptive Air Damping – damping completely without hydraulic dampers – worked. At the IAA, the supplier of commercial vehicle parts also covered the trend towards autonomous driving and the hydraulically driven SAF Intra Trak axle, which is now in production.


在2018年汉诺威山用车展(IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018)期间,赛夫华兰德(SAF-Holland)为观众提供了一个未来商用车的预览。作为车轴和第五轮专家,赛夫华兰德除了展示新产品,也将重点放在其为车队运营者推出的数字产品上。不同的现场展示,将IAA的观众带人未来的商用车世界里。

为了创新,赛夫华兰德正在推动商用车和物流链网络数字化,以及将机械组件与传感系统连接起来。“我们将透过产品和系统使未来的运输世界变得更为高效和具有持续性。IAA再次为我们提供了一个呈献我们的智能机械及数字解决方案的完美平台。” 赛夫华兰德首席执行员邦哈特(Detlef Borghardt)表示。

赛夫华兰德在该展会的个别活动区,有效地展示了机械组件与传感系统的结合。此外,该公司还特别准备了一个令人印象深刻的现场展示,以说明赛夫自适应空气阻尼系统如何在没有液压阻尼器下操作。 该公司也在展会中展示面向自动驾驶的趋势和目前在生产中的液压驱动赛夫Intra Trak车轴。

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