Sendok Group Launches New All-Electric CAM EA4

Sendok -EV
Sendok -EV

Sendok Group recently added the new CAM EA4 to its electric van series. Compared to the previously introduced CAM EC35, the CAM EA4 boasts a larger vehicle size and is essentially a full electric version of the CAM Placer-X A4.

New CAM EA4 for Diverse Range of Lifestyle

For those unfamiliar with this vehicle brand, CAM is a Malaysian entity established in 2009 to specialise in the production of light commercial vehicles under R&A Marketing Sdn Bhd, a part of the Sendok Group. With a robust network of sales and after-sales centres nationwide, CAM Malaysia became a well-known name in the industry since its founding.

Under the umbrella of CAM EV, Malaysia’s pioneering electric van series, the CAM EC35 made its debut in January 2022. Now, CAM EV is proud to unveil its second fully-electric van, the all-new CAM EA4, to cater to a diverse range of lifestyle.

With a generous cargo volume of seven cubic metres and a maximum payload of 1025kg, the CAM EA4 is seen as an ideal solution for businesses across various industries. Its spacious cargo area and impressive payload capacity enable businesses to transport more passengers in a single trip and allow drivers to complete tasks more efficiently or increase their daily delivery capacity…….

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信诺集团推出新款全电动CAM EA4


信诺集团近日将新款CAM EA4 添加到其电动货车系列中。与该公司之前推出的CAM EC35相比,CAM EA4的体积更大,是CAM Placer-X A4的全电动版本。


附属于马来西亚先锋电动货车系列CAM EV下,CAM EC35于2022年1月首次亮相。而如今的全新CAM EA4是CAM EV推出的第二款全电动货车,旨在满足本地市场的多元化需求生活方式。

凭借着其7立方米的宽敞货运量和1025公斤的最大有效载荷,CAM EA4被视为各行各的理想解决方案。其宽敞的载货空间和令人印象深刻的有效负载能力使用户能够在一次行程中运载更多乘客,并允许司机更有效地完成任务或增加他们的日常交付能力。


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