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R&A Marketing Launches New Co-Star Minibus

R&A Marketing Co-Star Minibus

The new Co-star was not just any minibus; it could be registered as a private vehicle with versatile applications.

The Luxury Co-Star Minibus

R&A Marketing Sdn Bhd, under the Sendok Group, launched its new C.A.M. Co-star minibus at KLIMS’18.

The launch was officiated by Minister of  Transport Anthony Loke Siew Fook with Sendok Group Chairman Dato Haji Wazir Haji Muaz, Group CEO/Managing Director Gwee Bok Wee and Group Executive Director Lau Kiat Hoon. Also present was R&A Commercial Vehicles Sdn Bhd Head of Marketing (Events & Business Development) Gwee Chin Li. The new Co-star was the company’s response to its customers’ request for a luxury minibus that is easy enough to manoeuvre in the city.

Powered by a 2.8-litre diesel engine that produces 107hp at 3,400rpm and 260Nm at 2,000rpm, the Co-Star is equipped with a Getrag 5-speed manual gearbox and Bosch fuel system.

The new 6-metre minibus has an interior height of 1.8m and width of 1.9m. It could be configured with a 16+1 and 19+1 seat layout, and has a maximum capacity for 20 people. It has a high ceiling, ample headroom, sufficient natural light and wide view angle with clear view of the surroundings for the driver and passengers. A free 360-degree camera system with installation is being offered for a limited time.

CAM said the Co-star was not just any minibus; it could be registered as a private vehicle with versatile applications, such as an executive transporter, shuttle bus, luxury coach and school bus. It is priced at RM172,400 for Peninsular Malaysia, with a 3-year or 100,000km warranty.

The company also introduced a new version of its best-selling C.A.M. Placer-X 3.0L van, equipped with a 3000cc engine, 6-speed transmission, twin-pot brake calliper and heavy duty axle package to offer a product with performance, efficiency and enhanced safety. It is also available as the 2.5L CDTi and 3.0L CDTi variants.

Also displayed at the show was the bestseller – Placer-X 18-seater van – which is known as the longest van in Malaysia. It was recently awarded ‘The Preferred Vehicle’ by the tourism industry at the Malaysian Tourism Council Gold Award.

The C.A.M light commercial vehicle range includes 10-18 seater vans, trucks, pick-ups, caravans and now a minibus. The vehicles are assembled locally by R&A Commercial Vehicles, a manufacturing and assembly plant under the Sendok Group.

At present, CAM has more than 100 sales and service dealers and branches nationwide.

R&A Marketing 推介全新Co-Star迷你巴士  

R&A Marketing, 信诺集团成员公司之一,于2018年吉隆坡国际汽车展(KLIMS’18) ,推介其全新的C.A.M. Co-Star 迷你巴士 。

该新迷你巴士推介礼由马来西亚交通部长陆兆福、信诺集团主席拿督哈芝瓦茲尔(Dato Haji Wazir Haji Muaz ) 、集团首席执行员/董事经理魏木维及集团董事刘玉芬主持开幕。出席的还包括R&A 商用车私人有限公司行销(活动及业务发展)主管魏璟俐。 此全新的Co-Star是该公司针对市场对能轻易在繁忙城市中穿梭的豪华迷你巴士要求而推出的。

Co -Star豪华迷你巴士搭载一台 2.8 升柴油引擎,最大马力107匹/3400 rpm,峰值扭矩260牛米/2,000rpm,匹配Getrag 5 传动技术(5速手排档)和博世燃油系统。

该全新的6米长迷你巴士,拥有1.8米的车内高度和宽1.9米。车座布局可配置成16+1 和19+1 ,最高可载20人。车厢天花板高,头部空间宽裕,采光佳且视角宽,司机和乘客都能清楚看到周围的景色。目前该公司推出限时优惠,随车免费安装360度全景摄像监控。

CAM表示,Co-Star 不仅仅只是迷你巴士,它也可以被注册为用途广泛的私家车,如公司执行员运输车、区间车(shuttle bus)、豪华巴士及学生车。西马售价为172,400令吉,提供3年或100,00公里保固期。

该公司也推介了其最畅销的新版C.A.M Placer -X 3.0L 客货车,搭载3000cc引擎、6 速传动系统、双锅刹车钳和重型车轴配套,提供具有性能、效率及强化安全性的产品。它推出两种版本– 2.5L CDTi 和3.0L CDTi 。

此外,该公司也在展会中展示Placer-X 18 座客货车, 被称为大马最长的客货车。该车型最近在马来西亚旅游局金奖颁奖典礼上荣获旅游业“最受欢迎汽车”奖。

C.A.M轻型商用车包括10-18座客户车、卡车、皮卡、大蓬车,如今再加上迷你巴士。这些汽车由信诺集团的本地制造及组装厂R&A 商用车负责组装。

目前,CAM 在全马拥有超过100多个销售及服务代理和分行。

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