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Sendok Group Launches Malaysia’s First Fully Electric Van – CAM EC35

Sendok Group CAM EC35

The launch of the new CAM EC35 has marked another important milestone for the Sendok Group.

New CAM EC35 Targets at Logistics and Courier Companies

Sendok Group recently hosted a preview event in Genting Highlands to showcase the CAM EC35, which the company claims is the first fully electric van in Malaysia. The launch has marked another important milestone for the Sendok Group, with the CAM EV being a new product line under the Group.

Targeted at logistics and courier companies looking to make the transition towards clean and responsible transportation, the new EC35 measures in at 4,500 mm length, 1,680 mm width and 1,985 mm height with a 3,050mm wheelbase. It has a cargo area measuring 2,550mm in length, 1,4800 mm in width and 1,280 mm in height.

Equipped with an electric motor offering 80 hp (60kW) and 200 Nm of torque, the CAM EC35 is powered by a 38.7kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery that allows a WLTP range of 268km. The vehicle comes with an onboard charger of 6.6kw and a quick-charging port. It takes 5 hours from a state of charge (SOC) 20 per cent to 80 per cent and 8 hours from 0 to 100 per cent. DC fast charging takes 80 minutes from SOC 20 to 80 per cent and 2.5 hours from 0 to 100 per cent.

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信诺集团 推出大马首款全电动货车 – CAM EC35

信诺集团(Sendok Group)近期在云顶高原举办了一场预览活动,展示了该公司号称为马来西亚第一辆全电动货车的新品CAM EC35。此次的发布标志着信诺集团的另一个重要里程碑,CAM EV是该集团旗下的新产品线。

瞄准那些正朝着清洁和负责任迈进的运输物流和快递公司,全新的EC35车长4,500毫米,宽 1,680 毫米、高 1,985 毫米,轴距为 3,050 毫米。它的载货区长2,550毫米、宽 1,4800 毫米和高 1,280毫米。

CAM EC35搭载电动马达,可提供80马力(60kW)和 200牛顿米扭矩,配上38.7kWh的 磷酸锂电池组,可提供268km的续航里程。该车配备6.6kw的车载充电器和快速充电端口。使用一般充电器的充电时间为5小时(从20至80%)和8 小时(从0% 至100%),而快速充电器则是80 分钟 (从20至80%)和 2.5 小时(从0至100%)……


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