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Scania Starts Sales of Battery Electric Truck

Scania Battery Electric Truck

Customers and the media were invited for the recent preview of Scania battery electric truck at Scania Malaysia Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam recently. 

Scania Aims to Help Companies Meet ESG Goals

The much-awaited Scania battery electric truck has arrived in Malaysia and Scania Southeast Asia has started selling it with the aim of helping customers meet their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

Customers and the media were invited for the recent preview of its battery electric truck at Scania Malaysia Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

Available as a rigid truck and trailer tractor, Scania offers a brand-new driveline, improved batteries, faster and more powerful charging capabilities, 350km range with 40 tonnes load and 250km range at 64 tonnes max gross tonnage weight (GTW). The new triple electric machine powertrain is said to provide ample electromechanical power take-off (PTO), ensuring smooth and reliable operation of temperature-controlled transport or power-hungry applications such as hook lifts.

The battery packs are assembled in-house at Scania to ‘perfectly fit the strengthened chassis and new placement of the charging interface’ on the right side behind the driver’s door. Closely connected is the completely reworked heating and cooling system, keeping powertrain and battery components at their ‘perfect operating temperature’ and allowing ‘excellent fingertip control’ of the cabin temperature through digital platforms. The aerodynamics of the cab is said to be further improved with wind deflector extensions to ensure every kWh provides the maximum distance and range.

Scania has a wide range of products and services to address our customers’ ESG objectives. One of them is Scania Ecolution way-of-working with our customers to reduce CO2 emissions over the years. Through a total solutions approach, we could provide the best safe and smart technology and services resulting in the best fuel efficiency. All our vehicles are also FAME-prepared up to Biodiesel 100 to leverage on renewable fuel opportunities in this country. Now with battery-electric solutions, Scania continues to be a proud leader in driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system with our customers. Together with them, we hope to continue our sustainable partnerships and take charge towards achieving ESG goals,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, Che Ibrahim Che Ismail, Chairman, Mekar Angkut Sdn Bhd, said the future of transport was never this complex but Scania made it easier to adopt battery electric solutions through a consultative sales process. “I now understand that after identifying our sustainability targets, operation and pre-requisites, a turnkey solution is provided. From charging to battery warranty, from financing to insurance, from repair and maintenance contract to driver training, the battery electric truck from Scania is optimised to suit my operations. I look forward to working more with Scania towards getting one.”





和强化的电池。该电动卡车拥有更快和更强大的充电能力,40吨负载下的350 公里续航里程和64吨最大总重(GTW)下的250公里续航里程。据称,新型三电机动力系统可提供充足的机电取力器(PTO),确保温控运输或吊钩等高耗电应用的平稳且可靠的运行。


斯堪尼亚东南亚董事经理赫芭(Heba El Tarifi)说:“斯堪尼亚拥有广泛的产品和服务来满足客户的ESG目标。其中一项就是斯堪尼亚Ecolution ,透过多年来与客户的合作减少二氧化碳排放。我们可以通过整体的解决方案,提供最佳的安全和智能技术及服务,从而实现最佳的燃油效率。我们的车辆都拥有FAME认证,可采用最高级别的生物柴油100,充分利用国内的再生燃料。凭借着电池电动解决方案,斯堪尼亚将继续成为与客户一起推动可持续交通系统转型的领先者。我们希望与他们保持可持续的合作伙伴关系,一同实现ESG目标。”

Mekar Angkut私人需要公司董事长仄依布拉欣( Che Ibrahim Che Ismail) 表示,未来的交通运输从未如此复杂,但斯堪尼亚通过咨询销售流程让采用电池电动解决方案变得更加容易。 “我现在明白,在确定我们的可持续发展目标、运营和先决条件后,斯堪尼亚就可提供一站式的解决方案:从充电到电池保修,从融资到保险,从维修和保养合同到驾驶员培训。更值得一提的是斯堪尼亚的电池电动卡车,都经过优化以适合我的操作。我期待着与斯堪尼亚有更多合作,并计划购买一辆电池电动卡车。”

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