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Scania Family Continues To Expand Up North

Scania Family North

Scania recently held a simple handing over ceremony for its three key customers in northern region of Malaysia.

Scania Continues its Expansion Up North

Scania Malaysia recently handed over vehicles to three of its key customers in the northern region – Sin Hock Soon Transport Sdn Bhd, Nurkasih Holiday & Tours Sdn Bhd and LLZ Haulage Sdn Bhd – which received 17 trucks, six buses and two trucks respectively.

The keys were presented by Scania Southeast Asia Managing Director Marie Sjödin Enström to Sin Hock Soon Director Tony Yew; Nurkasih Holiday & Tours Director Hafisol; and LLZ Haulage Director Tajnoor at the Scania Butterworth service centre.

The three customers cited the performance, reliability, fuel economy and safety that Scania vehicles offer, all of which contribute to the profitability and sustainability of their businesses as well as Scania’s excellent after-sales service.

Sin Hock Soon Transport and LLZ Haulage purchased the G410LA6x2MSZ trucks, 17 units and 2 units respectively. These G-series trucks promises powerful performance and increased fuel savings and are suitable to attain the best profitability during long-haul operations.

Meanwhile, the six buses acquired by Nurkasih Holiday & Tours – five K360IB4x2 and one K250IB4x2 – feature a powerful engine with higher torque at lower revs and are equipped with the Scania Opticruise gear-change that promises better comfort while reducing clutch and synchromesh wear.

Facilitated by Scania Credit, these new buses and trucks come with the standard package of the two-year free Scania Maintenance; two-year free 24/7 Scania Assistance and a ten-year free Scania Fleet Management System (FMS).

“We are proud to be a partner for Sin Hock Soon Transport and LLZ Haulage for their long-haul operations. We are also proud of our partnership with Nurkasih Holiday & Tours for their tour operations. We are indeed very happy that these established companies have placed their trust in Scania for the sustainability of their businesses,” said Marie.

The event also saw Scania presenting an award to Express Seni Budaya (M) Sdn Bhd for achieving the best fuel savings in a competition for the bus category based on the Scania Fleet Management System.

The handover of vehicles was held in conjunction with the Scania Open Day, which served as an opportunity for staff and their immediate family members as well as customers to mingle, understand what Scania could offer as an employer and have a more intimate look at how the company operates.

Also on site for them to see and understand were information counters for Scania Genuine Parts and Scania Fleet Management System, a Scania Truck Simulator game console and a Scania autonomous platooning table that depicts the future of the industry which Scania is developing.

Scania’s continuing success is based on our employees and our core values. We focus on the individual and our future success depends on the achievements from our employees,” said Marie.

“We are currently driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system. The Scania Open Days allow us to showcase what our solutions could do and gain feedback from customers and even families of staff. All of these for continuous improvement purposes. Only then could we make that shift,” added Marie.


马来西亚斯堪尼亚近日为其北马主要客户举行移交仪式。该公司将17 辆卡车移交给 新福顺运输私人有限公司, 6 辆巴士移交给Nurkasih Holiday & Tours私人有限公司及两辆卡车移交给LLZ Haulage 私人有限公司。

斯堪尼亚东南亚董事经理玛丽(Marie Sjödin Enström )在斯堪尼亚北海服务中心将钥匙移交给新福顺董事尤宝益、Nurkasih Holiday Nurkasih Holiday & Tours董事哈菲索(Hafisol)和LLZ Haulage董事泰勒(Tajnoor) 。

这3名客户称赞斯堪尼亚车辆的性能、可靠性、节油及安全性,并表示这种种好处再加上斯堪尼亚的卓越售后服务, 有助于他们的盈利和业务可持续性。

新福顺和LLZ Haulage分别购买17 辆和两辆G410LA 6X2 MSZ卡车。这些G系列的卡车拥有强大的性能,提高燃油节省,并能在长期运作下取得最佳盈利。

与此同时,Nurkasih Holiday & Tours购买了5辆K360IB 4X2和1辆K250IB 4X2 , 拥有高转速和低扭矩,配备斯堪尼亚Opticruise换档系统,在降低离合器和同步器磨损的同时,带来更高的舒适性。


“我们为能与新福顺运输和LLZ Haulage的长途运营业务合作而自豪。我们也同样为能够与 Nurkasih Holiday & Tours的旅游业务合作而自豪。我们很开心这些知名公司信赖斯堪尼亚有助于其业务的可持续性。”玛丽说。

当天,斯堪尼亚也特别将奖项颁发给在斯堪尼亚车队管理系统(FMS)竞赛中,凭着杰出的节油表现在巴士组脱颖而出的Express Seni Budaya(马)私人有限公司。






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