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Mpire Commercial Introduces 5 Years ‘Resale Value Guarantee’ Programme

Mpire Commercial Resale Value Guarantee

Mpire Commercial has decided to introduce the ‘Resale Value Guarantee’ programme with the objective of enhancing customer experience.

Resale Value Guarantee Programme for Foton Daimler EST & ESTA Models

Mpire Commercial is the official distributor for Foton Daimler EST and ESTA models that offer both 4×2 and 6×4 specifications. In the very near future, Mpire Commercial is about to introduce the 6×2 spec to the Malaysia market.

Foton Daimler is quoted as the best China produced Heavy Truck in Malaysia that is equipped with the Daimler-designed American Cummins Engine and German ZF Gearbox. Foton Daimler truck is definitely a solution for customers who are looking for cost savings with excellent performance and durability.

With the overwhelming demand, Mpire Commercial has decided to introduce the ‘Resale Value Guarantee’ programme with the objective of enhancing customer experience as well as a token of appreciation for pioneer customers.

The terms and conditions for the entitlement of the “Resale Value Guarantee” programme are as follows:

  • 5 years buy-back value at maximum 30 per cent based on initial prime mover (body excluded) invoice price from Mpire Commercial Sdn Bhd only (subject to the Prime Mover condition and service records);
  • The entitled Prime mover is obliged to service at Mpire Commercial showroom or any appointed service centre throughout the 5 years period;
  • Unauthorised modification on the Prime mover engine, transmission and main chassis would void the validity of the buy-back programme, regardless of whether it is a major or minor modification;
  • If the Prime mover electrical features, vehicle components, and chassis and engine numbers are being tampered with, it should not be entitled for the buy-back programme;
  • A Prime mover that is of less than 5 years (calculated from the date of registration), the buy-back value should be determined by Mpire Capital based on the Prime mover’s condition and market condition, and the price offered is deemed final;
  • The 30-per cent buy-back value is subject to the 100 per cent of refurbishment cost of the vehicle, in order to determine the final value of the buy-back vehicle; and
  • To qualify for the buy-back programme, the customer is obliged to purchase a new Prime Mover from Mpire Commercial before surrendering the second-hand Prime mover.

For this programme, Mpire Commercial is merely the seller and the 5 years buy-back policy is being underwritten by Mpire Capital Sdn Bhd, a related company to Mpire Commercial.

As Mpire Commercial is not involved in the evaluation of the buy-back process; Mpire Capital thus reserves the final right to opt for an acceptance or rejection of the Prime mover buy-back of truck based on the terms and conditions aforementioned.

Mpire Commercial 推出5年“转售价值保证”计划

Mpire Commercial是福田戴姆勒EST和ESTA 4X2 与 6X4 车款官方经销商。在不久的将来,该公司也会将6X2 规格引进国内。


庞大的需求致使Mpire Commercial决定推出“转售价值保证”计划,旨在强化客户经验和向先锋客户表达谢意。


  • 5年回购价值,仅取决于Mpire Commercial最初的牵引车发票价格(不包括车身),最高可达该发票价格的30% (受该牵引车的情况和维修记录所规限)。
  • 该牵引车5年内必须在Mpire Commercial展示厅或任何授权服务中心进行维修。
  • 未经授权的引擎、传动系统及主要车身底盘改装将导致回购计划无效,不论是小幅或大幅改装。
  • 若该牵引车的电气功能、汽车组件及底盘,引擎编号经过篡改,就无法享有该回购计划。
  • 少于5年的牵引车(从注册日期开始计算),将由Mpire Commercial按该牵引车状况和市场情况来决定,而该公司所提出的价格就是最后的价格。
  • 该30%的回购价值取决于车辆100%的翻新成本,以决定该回购卡车的最后价值,以及
  • 要享有该回购计划,客户必须在将二手牵引车交付给Mpire Commercial前,向该公司购买一辆新的牵引车。

Mpire Commercial 只是销售商,而此5年回购计划政策由其相关公司–Mpire Capital私人有限公司承包。

由于Mpire Commercial 没有参与该回购评估计划的程序,Mpire Capital将按上述条规,拥有接受或拒绝回购该牵引车的最后决定权。

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