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Mpire Group Delivers First Batch of Foton View C2 Panel Van to Lazada Group

Mpire Foton Lazada Group

Lazada Group received the first batch of 152 Foton View C2 panel vans from Mpire Asia Sdn Bhd recently.

Lazada Group: Foton View C2 Panel Van is the Ideal Choice

Mpire Group delivered the first batch of 152 Foton View C2 panel vans in the central region on 8th August, 2020 to the Lazada Group through its subsidiary Mpire Asia Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Foton vehicles in Malaysia. The handover was held at its Foton 3S centre in Glenmaries, Shah Alam.

Lazada Group VOP Senior Manager Afiq Redzuan said, “The performance, reliability, fuel economy and safety of the vehicles, along with excellent after-sales service are some of the reasons why Foton View C2 panel van is the ideal choice for the company’s transportation fleet.”

Following the successful handed over of the first batch of the Foton View C2 panel vans, S.D.  Foong, Group Senior Manager of Mpire Group revealed that the subsequent vans will be delivered in batches nationwide later……

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Mpire 集团向来赞达交付第一批福田View C2 厢式货车

2020年8月8日,Mpire集团透过其子公司Mpire Asia有限公司,福田汽车在大马的授权经销商将中部地区的第一批152 辆福田View C2厢式货车交付来赞达集团(Lazada Group)。该交车仪式在Mpire集团于沙亚南Glemaries的福田3S中心举行。

来赞达集团高级经理阿菲依(Afiq Redzuan)表示:“该车辆的性能、可靠性、节油及安全性,再加上售后服务,便是我们公司认为福田View C2厢式货车是公司运输车队最理想选择的部分原因。”

首批福田View C2厢式货车的成功交付后,Mpire集团的集团高级经理S.D. Foong 透露说,随后的货车将会分批交付到全马各地…..。


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