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Mpire Group to Grow Beiqi Foton Brand in Malaysia

Mpire Group Beiqi Foton Malaysia

Mpire Group now has the distributorship of View C2 Panel Van, CS2L 18-seater Window Van and Foton-Daimler ESTA and EST Supertruck in Malaysia.

Mpire Group Signs Distribution Agreement with Beiqi Foton

In early 2018, Mpire Group signed an agreement with Beiqi Foton Motor for the distributorship of View C2 Panel Van (4.8 metres), CS2L 18-seater Window Van (6 metres) and Foton-Daimler ESTA and EST Supertruck.

Founded on 28th August, 1996, Foton manufactures light and heavy-duty trucks, agricultural tractors, vans, passenger vehicles and various other forms of machinery. The biggest milestone for Beiqi Foton was the 50:50 joint venture move with Daimler AG, named Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co, Ltd, which jointly developed the Foton-Daimler ‘super-truck’. Another milestone was the creation of a 50:50 joint venture company between Foton and Cummins Inc – Foton Cummins Engine Company – to produce diesel engines for most of the Foton models.

Foton recognises the marketing strength of the Mpire Group; thus Foton allows Mpire to distribute its 2 latest View variants in Malaysia, the C2 panel van and CS2L 18-seater window van. The C2 is powered by the widely accepted Isuzu 2.5-litre turbo-diesel engine while the CS2L is powered by the powerful Cummins ISF 2.8-litre diesel engine. View CS2L is fitted with the latest features such as Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) that allow the window van to operate with a lower carbon footprint. The CS2L window van is also equipped with Bosch’s four-channel ABS+EBD, 3H high-strength body, strong anti-collision bars, front and rear bumpers, dual airbags, a collapsible steering column and three-point seat belts, making it one of the safest vans in the domestic market.

The Foton Daimler ESTA is also known as the Energy Super Truck that is equipped with the new generation Foton-Cummins ISG. It is built based on three core technologies; new energy, internet link of vehicles and automatic transmission. As such, the EST-A Energy Super Truck is built with the concept of increasing fuel efficiency through its High Torque and Low RPM technology. The aim is to realise a 30-per cent decrease in fuel consumption, 30-per cent decrease in carbon emission and 70-per cent increase in overall freight transport efficiency.

Mpire showrooms are located at Jalan Pemberita U1/49, Temasya Industrial Park, Shah Alam for its van operation and Jalan Gitar 33/3, Elite Industrial Park, Section 33, Shah Alam for its super-truck operation. Both showrooms offer one-stop service and are equip with sophisticated equipment and facilities. Another 2 showrooms, located in Butterworth and Johor Bahru, would be ready by the first quarter of 2019.

The Mpire group wants to change the way Malaysians perceive China trucks. To do that, Mpire purchased more than RM1million of spare-parts from Foton even before the trucks were on the road, just to ensure that there is no Vehicle off road or ‘VOR’ and truck usage is maximised. This compares to the previous situation when customers suffered in not getting spare-parts; it got so bad that customers became unwilling to purchase a China truck although trucks from China are currently much better in build quality, technological advancement and improved durability.

To further enhance customer satisfaction, Mpire Group launched its toll free number 1300-22-3399, which was effective from 1st January, 2019 for its 24/7 off road rescue team, by forming a strategic alliance with a well-known and reliable company to manage this emergency service. It would also launch its own apps soon to provide the flexibility and convenience to truck and van drivers in making a booking for vehicle service. The apps would include a panic button with GPS location for emergency and vehicle breakdowns.

The Mpire Group also appointed PKT Logistic, one of Malaysia’s largest logistic companies, to handle and manage its spare-parts distribution, with the promise to deliver spare-parts to the designated spot within 48 hours. The company says its motto is to be customer oriented, excellent in after-sales service and offer sustainable products with affordable prices.

Thus, 2019 is seen as is an exciting year for Mpire and the Foton brand. Mpire proudly represents Foton in this niche segment and aims to strive for excellence in customer satisfaction. For more information, refer to or the Facebook page of foton-malaysia.


今年年初,Mpire 集团与北汽福田签署了经销合约,获得了在马来西亚销售View C2 厢式客货车(4.8米)、CS2L 18 座位有窗客货车(6米)和福田-戴姆勒ESTA 和EST 超级卡车的经销权。


福田认可Mpire集团在马来西亚的行销优势,因此福田让Mpire在大马经销其最新的两款车型,也就是C2 厢式客货车和CS2L 18 座位有窗客货车。C2 搭载著名的五十铃2.5 涡轮柴油引擎,而CS2L 则搭载动力强大的康明斯ISF 2.8柴油引擎。View CS2L备有最先进技术如电子控制单元(ECU)和废气再循环(EGR),以便该有窗客货车在运作时,排放较低的废气。该有窗客货车配备博世四轮防锁死制动系统(four channel ABS )+电子制动力分配(EBD)、3H高力度车身、强大的防撞杆、前后保险杆、两个安全气囊、折叠式转向柱、三点式安全带等使它成为本地市场最安全的客货车之一。

福田戴姆勒ESTA也被称为能量超级卡车(Energy Super Truck),配备最新一代的福田康明斯ISG。该卡车建基于三大核心技术,也就是新能源、车辆互联网及自动变速器。为此,EST-A 能量超级卡车透过其高扭力和低转速技术,提高燃油效率。其目标是实现将油耗量和碳排放减低30%,并将整体的货运效率提高70%。

Mpire的客货车陈列室地址为2,Jalan Pemberita U1/49, Temasya Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam。另外一个超级卡车陈列室位于No., 2, Jalan Gitar 33/3, Elite Industrial Park, Section 33, 40460, Shah Alam 。 这两间独家的陈列室提供一站式服务和备有精密的设备和设施。另外,分别位于北海和新山的两家陈列室可望在2019年第一季准备好。




今年将是Mpire和福田品牌激动人心的一年。 Mpire为能够在利基(niche)市场代表福田而自豪,并将努力实现卓越的客户满意度。更多信息,请登陆www.mpiregroup.com或福田- 马来西亚的官方脸书专业。

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