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Exclusive Deals from Mpire JAC

Exclusive Deals Mpire JAC

Mpire JAC thanked its customers with attractive free service package and 15 per cent discount on brake pads and shoes.  

Great Offers for JAC Customers

The Petaling Jaya 3S centre of Mpire JAC Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of JAC light commercial vehicles in Malaysia, is offering an exclusive free service package of 2 years/60,000km (whichever is first) for all JAC models.

There is also a service campaign offering up to 15% discount on brake pads and shoes only and a free 50-point inspection, for all JAC models.

Mpire JAC, a subsidiary of Mpire Auto, had re-launched the JAC brand in Malaysia and the new generation of JAC light duty trucks namely JAC X30, N45 and N75 in March 2019. The JAC X30, N45 and N75 light duty trucks are priced at RM63,888; RM78,888 and RM97,488 respectively. These JAC trucks are competitively priced and designed to deliver efficiency, fuel savings and very decent returns-on-investment.

The JAC X30 has a gross weight of 2,835kg and is billed as featuring remarkable durability, accessibility and performance. The X30 comes with a Load-Sensing Proportional Valve system that provides superior braking performance and directional stability. Powered by a 4DA1 diesel engine that produces 108hp and 240Nm of torque, the X30 leads its segment class with its 65-litre fuel tank and an estimated 750km travel range.

Meanwhile, the N45 light duty truck with a gross weight of 4,800kg is powered by a 2,800cc Euro III diesel engine with 240Nm of torque at 1,800 to 2,000rpm. For better driving comfort, the N45‘s cab rear suspension uses a “silicone rubber cushion” and “longitudinal stabiliser rod”.  The driver’s seat can be better adjusted due to its dual-rail design, and seat positioning/distance can be increased from 180mm to 216mm.  To make driving easier on the N45, the steering system has been optimised, while a vacuum clutch booster results in less strain on the legs.

As for the N75 with a gross weight of 7,500kg, it is powered by 3,800cc Cummins Euro III diesel engine with 420Nm of torque at 1,200rpm.  The N75 also has the latest Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Dual Circuit Air Brake system for better safety during emergency braking. These technologies applied on the JAC N Series provides an economical and reliable drive with great performance and comfort.

JAC Motors was founded in 1964 in Hefei and has grown into an automotive giant ranked sixth among China Commercial Vehicle brands in 2017. In the last 20 years, the company has delivered 2.68 million vehicles ranging from passenger car to heavy commercial units.

There are 14 authorised service dealers nationwide to provide efficient after-sales service to JAC customers, and test drives of the JAC X30, N45 and N75 trucks are available at two 3S facilities – one located at No.2, Jalan 51/255A, Zon Perindustrian PJCT, Sek 51A, Petaling Jaya (the first RM1 million investment by a China light commercial vehicle brand into a 3S facility in Malaysia) and another at Block A-G & A-1, Wellesley Home, Premises PMT 1264, Jalan Perusahaan, Kawasan Perusahaan Perai, Pulau Pinang.

Mpire JAC 独家优惠

JCA 轻卡在马来西亚的独家经销商Mpire JAC私人有限公司位于八打灵再也的3S中心,为所有的JAC车款,提供为期两年/60.000 公里(视何者为先)的独家免费服务配套。


2019年3月间,Mpire Auto子公司Mpire JAC,在马来西亚重新发布JAC品牌和新一代的JAC轻卡,包括JAC X30 、N45 及N75。JAC X30 、N45 及N75的售价分别为63,888令吉、78,888令吉及97,488令吉。这些JAC卡车的价格具有竞争力,并拥有高效、节油及不错的投资回酬。

JAC X30 的总重量为2,835 公斤,并以非凡的耐用性、可及性及性能见称。X30 配备负载感应比例阀系统,可提供卓越的制动性能和方向稳定性。搭载4DA1 柴油引擎,最高输出功率为108马力,峰值扭矩为240牛米,X30 以其65升的油箱和估计可以行驶750公里的路途而领先其他同级车辆。

与此同时,N45 轻卡总重4,800 公斤,搭载2,800cc欧3柴油引擎,在1,800至2,000转速下的扭矩峰值为240牛米,为了更好的驾驶舒适性,N45 的驾驶室后悬架采用‘硅橡胶垫’和‘纵向稳定杆’。易于调整的双轨设计驾驶座,座椅的位置/距离可从180mm提高至216mm。优化的方向盘使N45更容易操纵,真空离合器助力器减轻腿部压力。

N75的总重为7,500公斤,搭载3,800cc康明斯欧3柴油引擎,1,200转速下的扭矩峰值为420牛米。该卡车配备最新的防锁死制动器(ABS)和双回路空气制动系统,能够在紧急制动时提供更好的安全性。这些JAC N系列所采用的技术,带来一个更经济和可靠的驾驶,更高的性能和舒适性。


该公司在全马各地共有14家授权服务代理,为JAC客户提供高效的售后服务。目前,客户可在该公司两家3S中心寻获上述的车款。有兴趣测试JAC X30 、N45 及N75车款的客户,可洽分别位于八打灵再也的No.2, Jalan 51/255A, Zon Perindustrian PJCT, Sek 51A, (第一家中国轻卡商用车品牌投资1百万的3S设施)和槟城Block A-G & A-1, Wellesley Home, Premises PMT 1264, Jalan Perusahaan, Kawasan Perusahaan Perai的3S 中心。

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