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Michelin Mobility Solutions for IAA Transportation

Michelin Mobility Solutions IAA

Michelin is bringing a whole host of solutions to IAA that will lower the overall costs associated with commercial vehicles.

Michelin Prepares Fleet Operators & Managers for the Future

From the 20th September, when the transportation and logistics sector comes together at IAA Transportation in Hanover, Michelin will be showing fleet operators and managers how to get their companies fit for the future.

On Stand A11 in Hall 19-20 at the leading international platform for transportation, logistics, commercial vehicles and buses will be dedicated to sustainable mobility solutions with tyres, for tyres and beyond tyres. “The commercial vehicle sector is facing numerous challenges. Cost efficiency, safety, sustainability, digitalisation, carbon-neutrality and networking are the big issues right now. We want to play our part in delivering sustainable mobility in this sector, and we will – primarily through ideas and approaches that extend beyond conventional tyre business,” says Maria Röttger, President and CEO Michelin Europe North.

Optimising fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, improving durability, extending tyre service life and recycling tyres – Michelin is bringing a whole host of solutions to IAA that will lower the overall costs associated with commercial vehicles and shrink their carbon footprint. For example, Michelin X Multi Energy saves up to 1.1 litres per 100 kilometres over short and long-haul journeys. This tyre exhibits optimised rolling resistance and has also been designed for a high mileage potential – both features that benefit overall performance. “With its plants in Homburg, Karlsruhe and Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, Michelin’s Northern Europe region has extensive commercial vehicle expertise. For many manufacturers of trucks, buses, vans and trailers, production operations based in Europe is attractive,” says Röttger…..

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米其林欧洲北部总裁兼首席执行长罗特格(Maria Röttger)说:“在领先的国际运输、物流、商用车辆和公共汽车的IAA展会,米其林致力通过其19-20号展厅的展台,致力提供轮胎、轮胎及其他轮胎的可持续移动解决方案。 “商用车行业正面临着诸多挑战。成本效率、安全性、可持续性、数字化、碳中和和网络是目前的大问题。我们希望在实现该领域的可持续方面发挥我们的作用,我们主要会通过超越传统轮胎业务的想法和方法来进行。”

米其林为 IAA 带来了一系列解决方案—优化燃油效率、减少二氧化碳排放、提高耐用性、延长轮胎使用寿命和回收轮胎,而这些解决方案将降低与商用车相关的总体成本并减少其碳足迹。例如,米其林X Multi Energy 在短途和长途出行中每100公里可节省 1.1 升油。该轮胎具有优化的滚动阻力和高里程数潜力设计——这两大特点都有利于轮胎的整体性能。 “米其林在北欧地区拥有位于英国洪堡、卡尔斯鲁厄和特伦特河畔斯托克的工厂,并具有广泛的商用车专业知识。对于许多卡车、巴士、厢式货车和拖车制造商而言,欧洲的生产运营具有吸引力。”罗特格说……..


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