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New Size Added to Michelin’s X Multi Z 2

Michelin X Multi Z 2

Michelin is introducing new size offerings for the Michelin X Multi Z 2 – the latest addition to Michelin’s best-selling range in the East Asia and Australia region.

X Multi Z 2 Continues to offer Improved Performance with New Sizes

Packed with the latest revolutionary technologies, this all-position tyre fitment for regional and highway operations continues to offer market-leading longevity and improved performance – one year since its debut.

Michelin Malaysia’s Commercial Director for B2B, Muhammad Arya Subrata said, “We are proud to bring in new additions to the line-up of sizes offered by the Michelin X Multi Z 2 range. The truck tyre market is an important segment that bolsters economic activities for the nation, and is more crucial now than ever, as we go into yet another movement control order in Malaysia. Thanks to the three core revolutionary technologies, the Michelin X Multi Z 2 brings to our target customers uncompromised safety performance and helps meet their delivery timing and efficiency – thus, leading to increased productivity and improved cost-effectiveness for their businesses.”

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米其林 X Multi Z 2 增加新尺寸

米其林为其在东亚和澳大利亚地区最畅销产品系列的最新产品- 米其林X Multi Z 2推出新尺寸。


大马米其林B2B商务部董事莫哈末阿亚苏布拉塔 (Muhammad Arya Subrata):“我们很自豪能够为米其林X Multi Z 2系列增添新尺寸。卡车轮胎市场是很重要的市场,它支撑著整个国家的经济活动,而现在比以往的任何时候都更重要,因为大马已再度实施行动管制令。凭借着三项核心革新技术,米其林 X Multi Z 2 为我们的目标客户带来了无与伦比的安全性能,同时协助客户准时送货和提高效率,从而提高他们的生产力和成本效益…..”


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