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Michelin Malaysia Showcases Sustainable Mobility Solutions at MCVE 2022

Michelin Malaysia took part in the MCVE 2022 for the first time to share their sustainable mobility solutions.

Michelin : From a Tyre Company to a Service Provider  

Michelin Malaysia took part in the recently concluded Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2022 (MCVE 2022) to make vital connections and share their sustainable mobility solutions with professional visitors. 

Michelin Malaysia has participated in various exhibitions before, but this is the first time we have participated in MCVE,” said Timothy Mitchell, Commercial Director -B2B, Michelin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. “After multiple lockdowns during the last two years due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this Expo offers us a great opportunity to meet our existing customers and potential fleet operators face to face, as well as to showcase our products and services to the industry.”

Many people perceive Michelin simply as tyre manufacturer, he continued, but today’s Michelin has diversified its traditional tyre retailing business with an expanding number of services. “Michelin truck tyres are different from other brands in that we are taking an end-customer approach. This has compelled us to visit our customers, taking time to understand their business, applications and pain points in order to better meet their needs and requirements. For instance, – with the Michelin tyre inspection tool -, tyre pressure, wear and condition can be inspected easily and accurately. The pressure of the air in the tyre is crucial to its correct operation, as it is this pressure that supports and moves loads or people safely, durably, comfortably, and economically…..”

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马来西亚米其林参加了近日圆满结束的2022年马来西亚商用车展(MCVE 2022),旨在与专业观众建立重要联系并分享他们的可持续交通解决方案。 

米其林马来西亚私人有限公司B2B商务总监米切尔(Timothy Mitchell说:“马来西亚米其林之前参加过各种展览会,但这是我们第一次参加MCVE。过去的两年大马因冠病的大爆发而采取了多次封锁措施后,这次的展会为我们提供了一个与现有客户和潜在车队运营商面对面交流的绝佳机会,向他们展示产品和我们为该行业所提供的服务。” 





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