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Huong Seng Motor Trading Sees Good Potential in Sinotruks

Huong Seng Motor Trading Sinotruks

Specialising in accident repairs, maintenance services, spare-parts supply, insurance renewal and used and new vehicle sales, Huong Seng Motor Trading Sdn Bhd has grown rapidly since its establishment in 1985. Today, with its headquarters in Sibu, the company has expanded its services throughout Sarawak.

Huong Seng Motor Trading Identifies Promising Potential in Sinotruks

“We started selling the Chinese brands of commercial vehicles in 2009. In 2011, we partnered with Sendok Group and was responsible for the sales and after-sales service of their range of products, including Sinotruk, JMC, Kingo, Placer, Placer X, Plutus and Potente brands for the Bintulu and Kuching markets,”said Managing Director Goh Kee Seng.

In 2013, this fruitful partnership led to the setting up of two C.A.M. branches, the China Auto Manufacturers (Kuching) and China Auto Manufacturers (Sarawak) in Bintulu with a total workforce of 76 people.

“Both branches are 4S centres and this means we offer sales, spare-parts, services as well as body and paint jobs. The assembly of the vehicles were done by Sendok Group’s assembly plant in Klang. The Sinotruk brand of trucks had been in Sarawak for about 8-9 years. It gained popularity through performance, safety, durability, plus the efficient after-sales service and spare-parts availability. Various models that cater for different applications are also an important factor in the purchasing decision.”

In addition, he said, the manufacturer of Sinotruk, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Corporation Limited, had set up a technical department in Malaysia to support clients. This showed the commitment and importance that was placed on the Malaysian market.

Goh also revealed that the company benefited from the Pan-Borneo Project, for which it delivered about 150 Sinotruks to the contractors.

“Our main Sarawak market is Sibu and we have received very good response from the logistics and construction segments. Apart from the delivery of 5 Sinotruks to Asialink Cargo & Packing Agency, we also sold about 200 Sinutruks to individual players last year. This included water tankers, oil tankers, mining trucks and concrete mixers.”

When asked about the challenges, he replied that banks were tightening their auto-lending standards due to the market slowdown and this had a direct impact on the company’s sales.

“The local market would become even more competitive in 5 years’ time with more and more brands entering Sarawak. However, we see good potential in the plantation and logistics segments. Furthermore, in line with the move to develop Tanjung Manis as Malaysia’s biggest halal hub, there would be needs to provide more facilities and basic infrastructure for this township, which would increase the demand for trucks in the transportation and construction segments,” he added.

As for the future plan, he said, they are gearing up for continual growth with plan to set up a branch at Miri in the near future.

Huong Seng Motor Trading is also a Chevrolet dealer since 2015.



“我们在2011年开始销售中国商用车。2011年,我们与信诺集团合作,在民都鲁和古晋市场销售他们的系列产品,包括Sinotruk 、JMC、Kingo、Placer、Placer X、Plutus和Potente品牌,并为这些品牌提供售后服务。”董事经理吴义生表示。

在富有成效的合作下,该公司在2013年设立了两家中信制造(马)有限公司(C.A. M)分行――中信制造(古晋)和位于民都鲁的中信制造(砂劳越),员工总数76人。




“我们在砂劳越的主要市场是诗巫,并深受物流和建筑领域的欢迎。除了交付了5辆Sinotrucks给Asialink Cargo & Packaging Agency 外,我们在去年销售了200辆Sinotruk给个别的业者。这包括水槽车、油槽车、采矿卡车及水泥搅拌车。”


“随着越来越多品牌蜂拥而至,未来5年的砂劳越市场会变得更为竞争。然而,我们在种植业和物流领域看到好潜能。此外,在有关当局有意将丹绒马尼(Tanjung Manis)发展成马来西亚最大的清真枢纽下,我们预期该市政将需要更多的设施和基础建设,这将提高运输和建筑业对卡车的需求。”



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