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Stop Fuel Theft Now – An Interview with Alex Chong

Interview Alex Chong

Truck & Bus News talked to Alex Chong, the owner of Siphonblock AFT Enterprise, to find out more on the company’s background and product range.

Siphonblock AFT –  Anti-Theft Expert

Fuel theft is a common issue today and there are various anti fuel theft products available in the market; from locking fuel caps, siphon screens to anti-theft devices.

In this issue, Truck & Bus News talked to Alex Chong, the owner of Siphonblock AFT Enterprise, one of the experts in this area, to find out more on the company’s background and product range. 

Q: How long has Siphonblock AFT been in operation?

We have been in operation since 2007 when we offered devices for Volvo, MB, MAN, Scania, Hino and Nissan only.

Q: What made you decide to develop anti siphon devices for trucks?

Plainly there are issues with fuel theft and we felt that the existing solution – the ‘Big Weld’ – addresses fuel theft, but takes no consideration of the ‘knock-on’ effects.

We felt that if there was a simple, strong and well-designed device it would deter petty theft and not affect the truck’s utilisation potential.

By the way, we also have devices that fit heavy buses such as Hino and construction equipment such as CAT and Komatsu. As we always say, fuel theft happens everywhere!

Q: What made you decide on using galvanised steel for the product?

We are aware that a number of European units were made from aluminium and saw that the base of the unit was knocked out, especially in recon trucks from the UK, and this allowed free access to the fuel. But, you could not do that with galvanised steel!

Q: What are those knock-on effects?

Slow filling times, spillages and potential tank ruptures. All have an impact on a haulier’s financial bottom line.

We could not imagine how drivers would feel about standing for 30-40 minutes while a tank is being filled! If the driver is in a time squeeze, he might end up putting in fuel too fast, following which a ‘blow-back’ spillage occurs. It becomes messy, smelly and a waste.

We have to consider that not every driver is taking fuel but every driver has to put up with long filling times. By fitting our device, it reduces wasted time dramatically. Plus it takes away any temptation for an opportunistic ‘play with the pipe’ routine. It would make life easier for the driver – and he could then undertake PDCs and get a little sleep.

Consider the situation in which a driver is not taking fuel; imagine how he would feel when asked: ‘Why is your fuel consumption high? Are you taking my fuel?’ That kind of conversation might upset him and before you know it, your driver leaves! We know there’s a shortage of good drivers and to lose a guy when you have not fully secured the truck – it’s quite a high price to pay. It’s hard work finding new drivers who are likely to make a few mistakes in their first few weeks with you! It’s better to protect your fuel and drivers.

Q: Is there still a need for this anti siphon device; after all almost every haulier has GPS?

Absolutely yes! I for one would not like to be told that the GPS has registered a 50-litre loss in fuel. Locking tank caps don’t always stop a guy desperate for his next ‘teh tarik’ or ‘roti canai’. Fifty litres currently cost you RM109. Maybe it happens just 4 times per year, so the cost of fuel loss is RM436.

The maximum price of a Siphonblock device is RM340 and would last the truck’s lifespan. A customer’s price is fixed by the number of trucks he runs – the larger the fleet the lower the price. So our devices are not expensive; especially if you consider the lifetime of a truck.

Let the GPS system focuses on the information you need to manage the truck/driver and the routes.

But let Siphonblock stop the petty fuel theft via the fuel tank neck. The GPS system represents the braces for your trousers but the Siphonblock device acts as the belt to stop fuel theft! Belt and braces working together give the best result! 

Q: But fuel theft could take place from other parts of the truck?

Yes, we accept that. But they tend to be a little bit more troublesome!

However, research in Europe and the USA, where fuel theft is taken as a criminal offence, tells us that 90 per cent of fuel theft comes from unprotected tank necks. So our focus is on addressing that ‘opportunity’.

Q: What’s your range of products?

From our early days of a few different models, we now offer above 30 variants that fit more than 45 current and discontinued trucks.

Hino 300, 500 and 700 series, Fuso, Dongfeng, Sinotruck, Volvo , MAN, Nissan UD Quester and Croner, Scania, Freightliner, International, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan CK, Isuzu ELF and NPR, Nissan UD PKD, Howo, Mack and Kenworth.

The newest models include the Siphonblock 80T, which is for the Tata prime mover, and Siphonblock 110 B3 that is for a range of trucks that the Hong Seng Group distributes.

Q: Any potential for the users of B10 diesel? 

We would shortly announce details for a gasket that seats our device on the tank neck that could be used with B10 diesel.

现在就停止燃油盗窃— 专访张惠权

燃油盗窃是今天最常见的问题,目前市场上有许多各种各样的防燃油盗窃产品如带锁的燃料帽(locking fuel cap)、计油管(siphon screens)及防燃油窃盗装置等。

这一期,《卡客车新闻》访问了Siphonblock AFT 企业东主张惠权,请作为燃油盗窃专家之一的他,谈谈该公司的背景和产品系列。

Siphonblock AFT开业多久了?


您为何决定开发卡车反虹吸装置(siphon devices)?

完全是为了解决燃油盗窃问题。我们发现现有的解决方案—“Big Weld”无法顾及其他的连锁反应。










如今几乎每一辆运输卡车都配备全球定位系统(GPS) ,那还需要反虹吸装置吗?

当然需要!我便是其中一个不喜欢被通知说,卡车上的GPS记录显示你的油箱少了50升的燃油。带锁的油箱帽无法禁止司机对下一个‘拉茶’或印度煎饼的渴望。目前50 升燃油的价格为109令吉。如果每年发生4次,那么你就会损失436令吉。

Siphonblock装置的最高售价为340令吉,但它的使用寿命与卡车寿命一样长。一名客户的价格取决于他公司里运行中的卡车数量– 其车队的规模越大,价格也就越低。因此,我们的装置一点都不贵,特别是它的使用寿命如卡车一样长。







日野300、500及700系列、扶桑、东风、Sinotruk、富豪、曼(MAN)、日产UD Quester及Croner、斯堪尼亚、Freightliner、International、DAF、马赛地、日产CK、五十铃ELF及NPR、日产UD PKD、中国重汽豪沃(Howo)、Mack及肯沃驰(Kenworth)。

最新的款型包括Siphonblock B0T, 适用于塔塔牵引车,而Siphonblock 110 B3 则适用于丰成集团经销的卡车系列。

对B10 生物柴油的用户有何计划?


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