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Kontena Nasional’s Growth Focused on Fleet Expansion

Kontena Nasional Fleet Expansion

Kontena Nasional Bhd’s acquisition of 30 new Volvo FM440 62 T RAS prime movers is part of the logistics provider’s plan to expand its fleet and services, reports the Malaysian Reserve. The Volvo FM440 6×2 T RAS features a 440hp D13A440 engine and is equipped with a 450-litre tank for improved payload capacity over its predecessor.

Kontena CEO Argues New Order to Offer Better Service

CEO Nik Muzani Nik Abdul Aziz said the newly acquired prime movers modernise the company’s fleet, support all lines of business within its service offerings. This will give better market outreach to enable the firm to explore niche markets with quality customers.

In March, the handover ceremony took place at Volvo Trucks Malaysia dealership, Port Klang, to unveil the new models for Kontena Nasional.

Nik Muzani added that the demand for logistics has increased after the Movement Control Orders, with Kontena Nasional providing more than just transportation services, offering third-party logistics and e-commerce.

“The full suite of our services includes international freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, supply chain solutions and halal logistics, in line with our vision of becoming Malaysia’s premier supply chain solutions provider,” he added to The Malaysian Reserve,

“As Malaysia enters the endemic phase, Kontena Nasional is doing everything it can to ensure the company is prepared for the increase in demand and disruptions brought about by the outbreak,” he commented to the Malaysian Reserve.

Discussing the uncertainty during the MCO periods, he explained, “Kontena Nasional’s mission in providing quality logistics services was evident during the various MCO periods. Kontena Nasional was the backbone of Malaysian logistics, ensuring zero disruptions and fulfilling continuous demands steadily.”

Kontena Nasional Refurbishes Current Warehouse in Modernisation and Digitalisation Process

As part of Kontena Nasional’s strategic planning, the company has been expanding and upgrading its fleet and is currently refurbishing and enhancing its current warehouses, increasing its warehouse footprint in Malaysia with newly built facilities, and embarking on an integrated digital operating system to streamline all work processes encompassing all its facilities in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, digitalisation is a key component of Kontena Nasional’s strategy to improve efficiency and service quality.

“We are already embarking on our own integrated digital operating system, set to greatly enhance our customer experience as it connects the dots of our various services and offers seamless end-to-end visibility to our customers on their shipments’ journey through Kontena Nasional’s network.

“That, coupled with our readiness as a third-party logistics service provider to cater to Malaysia’s evergrowing appetite for e-commerce, points in the direction of a new niche for Kontena Nasional,” Muzani added to The Malaysian Reserve.

Regarding environmental sustainability, Nik Muzani added that Kontena Nasional is committed to reducing carbon emissions and improving fuel efficiency and is constantly looking for ways to reduce its impact on the environment. He said, “We believe in the agenda of sustainability and the acquisition of the new prime movers from Volvo with breakthrough standards in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions supports that.”

Looking to the future, he adds, “Kontena Nasional also believes that in the near future, Malaysia’s infrastructure will be ready to adopt electric vehicles and alternative-fuelled logistics fleets like liquefied natural gas, and Kontena Nasional is excited to welcome that sea-change,” he said.

The Volvo trucks are designed with advanced technology that maximises fuel economy while minimising noise pollution, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment, with the FM440 6×2 T RAS vehicles featuring a 440hp D13A440 engine. The vehicles are also equipped with a 450-litre tank for improved payload capacity over its predecessor.

These prime movers are also fitted with Volvo’s latest safety systems, such as Electronic Stability Programme, Traction Control System, Anti-lock Braking Systems and Driver Alert Monitoring, ensuring safe driving performance for both driver and vehicle.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

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