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MGTC and Volvo Trucks Malaysia Collaborate to Future Proof Nation’s Transportation Industry

Volvo Malaysia takes a lead in pushing and integrating government support for its customers to take first leap in adopting green technology.

Volvo Trucks Joins Hands with MGTC to Accelerate Adoption of Green Technology 

Volvo Trucks Malaysia, the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy by the commercial vehicle sector in Malaysia.

 “All parties must work together to make the sustainability vision a reality. It’s important as industry leaders to push and integrate government support for our customers to take the first leap in adopting green technology. As truck manufacturers, Volvo Trucks will also play our part to ensure a smooth transition in leading the charge towards sustainability that will benefit the nation by future-proofing its transportation industry,” said Volvo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Managing Director, Anthony O’Connell. 

Volvo Trucks will now join hands with MGTC to accelerate the adoption of green technology by promoting green logistics through EV adoption, providing hands-on training, and registering under the MyHijau directory, which is a government initiative led by MGTC to promote the sourcing and purchasing of green products and services by various industry players in Malaysia. Being part of the MyHijau mark, companies purchasing Volvo Electric Trucks would be eligible to benefit from green technology tax incentive programmes such as Green Investment Technology Allowance (GITA)….. 

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沃尔沃马来西亚私人有限公司董事经理奥康奈尔(Anthony O’Connell)表示:“各方必须共同努力,实现可持续发展愿景。作为行业领导者,推动和整合政府对客户的支持,让客户在采用绿色技术方面迈出第一步非常重要。沃尔沃卡车将发挥作为卡车制造商的作用,确保运输业可持续发展的顺利过渡,造福国家。”

沃尔沃卡车与MGTC携手,通过采用电动汽车促进绿色物流,提供实践培训并注册在 MyHijau 工商名表下,从而加速绿色技术的采用。这是一项由 MGTC 领导的政府倡议,旨在促进马来西亚各行业参与者采购绿色产品和服务。作为 MyHijau标志的一部分,购买沃尔沃电动卡车的公司将享有绿色技术税收激励计划优惠,例如绿色投资技术津贴 (GITA)…..





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