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Scania Malaysia Marks Golden Jubilee

Scania celebrates the first 50 Years in Malaysia in 2021 and has seen many firsts in the country and in the heavy commercial vehicle industry.

Scania Achieves Many Firsts in the Malaysian CV Industry 

Scania has marked its first 50 years in Malaysia amid the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, although at times like these, commemoration has taken precedent over celebration. So instead of shying away, Scania Malaysia is embracing their golden jubilee, as the company has seen many firsts in the country and in the heavy commercial vehicle industry.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers of yesterday, today and the future for their continued trust in Scania. These first 50 years in Malaysia have been very inspiring for us and the next 50 and beyond will be even more exciting as we continue to drive the shift together towards a more sustainable transport system,” says Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

It all started in 1971 with the first Scania LB110 truck’s arrival at Port Klang, delivered to Kontena Nasional. Scania has been leading in driving the shift towards a more sustainable transport system since then and has continued to support the logistics, construction and public service sectors, commuting people and goods every day throughout the country.

The first locally assembled truck, and the first low-floor city bus were delivered in 1994. Then in 2006, Scania delivered the first PGR-series. The first B-Double in Malaysia arrived in 2012 and Scania Credit Malaysia provided its first financial services in 2013. Scania Assistance started the first 24/7 roadside assistance in 2014 and Fleet Management Systems were first introduced in the same year. Scania then got recognised for all its efforts by winning the Sustainable Urban Transport Award in 2017. A record year of vehicle sales, signing the first Scania Ecolution customer, the first school to be spearheaded by ‘Master Sustainability by Scania – all occurred in the same year, 2018. Scania then delivered the first International Truck of the Year, the New Truck Generation in 2019 and the first Scania XT truck in Sarawak in 2020.

With about 300 employees, Scania Malaysia today offers capabilities in repair and maintenance, roadside assistance, genuine parts, data-driven services like fleet management systems, driver training & coaching, as well as financial services from Scania Credit. This all happens from twelve dedicated Scania Malaysia Sales and Services Centres all over the country to meet the country’s public and cargo transport needs.

Leaving behind a five and a half-year legacy on top of the past 50-year ones, Marie will now be passing the baton to the next Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

“I have had a fulfilling 5 ½ years here in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia, working with professionals who are dedicated to always putting our customers first. I am proud to have been part of Scania Malaysias long-term success,” said Marie.

“The next 50 years and beyond is what Scania Malaysia will set its sight on now, and we will look forward to many more firsts with our loyal customers. I leave assured that the organisation and customers are in capable hands. Thank you to my colleagues, staff, partners, customers, drivers, passengers and fans of Scania. I wish you many healthy and prosperous years ahead!” said Marie with a farewell smile.

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