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Isuzu Elf Smoother: Truck & Bus News Video Review

Isuzu Elf Smoother

Watch the very first video product review from Truck & Bus News as we take an in-depth look at the Isuzu Elf Smoother.

Isuzu Elf Smoother: Product Review

In our first Product Review video, we take a look at the Isuzu Elf Smoother. Kugan Vyaravanathan from Isuzu Trucks Malaysia gave us a glimpse of all the benefits offered by the Elf Smoother. From its AMT Transmission to its safety feature to its engine, Kugan covers it all.


00:00 Introduction to The Isuzu Elf Smoother | Product Reviews

00:41 Kugan Vyaravanathan from Isuzu Trucks Malaysia Introduces the Isuzu Elf Smoother

00:53 The Details and Benefits Behind The Elf Smoother’s AMT Transmission

04:18 Safety: A Priority for the Elf Smoother

06:23 The High Power and High Torque Engine of the Isuzu Elf Smoother

07:38 A Practical and Functional Interior for Operations

09:10 Kugan Vyaravanathan Summarises the Isuzu Elf Smoother Overall Package

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