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Isuzu Smoother AMT Drive Experience

Isuzu Malaysia organised a test drive for the media and influencers to experience and explore the Isuzu Elf Smoother NPR 150 and Giga EXR 420 recently.

Isuzu: AMT variants Offered in response to Current Malaysian Market Situation

Held at the Setia Alam Convention Centre spacious open carpark, Truck & Bus News was among those invited.

The first vehicle we tested was the Elf Smoother NPR 150. Powered by the 4HK1-TC Euro III turbo with intercooler diesel engine delivering an output of 150PS and 404Nm of torque, the latter is available from 1,600 t0 2,600rpm, it is fitted with the Smoother six-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT).

Isuzu Malaysia first introduced the AMT to its top selling Elf range in 2019, which the company claimed then that it was the first and only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to supply AMT in the country’s light truck segment.

Climbing into the cabin is made easier and effortless as the door opens wide to 90 degrees and has a longer handle grip, along with the bigger step area and wider cabin floor. Our first impression of this 7.5-tonne truck’s cabin is its spaciousness, thanks to its expanded head clearance, vertical pillars and large space behind the seats, allowing it to accommodate three adults comfortably.

Isuzu Elf NPR 150

With excellent accessibility, the cabin is a workplace designed specifically for functionality, safety and comfort instead of superfluous decoration. The interior panels are positioned for improved visibility. The switches are ergonomically designed and positioned for better reach within the driver’s view……

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马来西亚五十铃近期举办了试驾活动,让媒体和网红亲身体验并探索五十铃Elf Smoother NPR 150 和 Giga EXR 420卡车。《卡客车新闻》受邀参与这项在实地城会展中心(Setia Alam Convention Centre宽敞的露天停车场举行的试驾活动。 

我们试驾的第一辆卡车是Elf Smoother NPR 150。搭载4HK1-TC III涡轮增压中冷柴油引擎,最大功率150PS,转速在1,600 2,600rpm之间,可以发出404Nm的最大扭矩,配备Smoother,也就是运作更平顺的六速手自排变速箱 (AMT)。 


该款卡车的车门可打开至90度,并具有更长的把手、更大的踏步区域和更宽的驾驶室地板,因此能够很轻松地爬进驾驶室。我们对这辆 7.5 吨卡车驾驶室的第一印象是它相当宽敞,具有扩大的头部间隙、垂直立柱和座椅后方的大空间,可以舒适地容纳三个成年人。

五十铃Elf NPR150




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