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Hino Total Support Customer Center Reaches 10,000 Trainees

Hino Total Support Customer Center

Operating since 2015, HTSCC is constantly updating and increasing the list of training courses according to the industry needs.

HTSCC Receives Continuous Support from Logistics Industry

On top of accelerating its momentum in developing high-quality products and monitoring the statistics of product sales, Hino also believes in providing support, anticipating potential needs of the customer and offering solutions that reflect customers’ voices.

The establishment of the Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC) in Sendayan is seen as one of the catalysts for customers and those in the region to improve in terms of cost, range and quality of services in their business as well as the acknowledgment of road safety.

In Malaysia, HTSCC is accepted as the only training centre for the commercial vehicle industry and the first Hino training centre built outside its home country as Hino sees Malaysia as having the potential to develop continuous support to the commercial vehicle industry. Hino says this is because the land route and ground transportation is the main distribution channel to most of the logistics commerce in this country.

Operating since 2015, HTSCC is constantly updating its programmes and increasing the list of training courses according to the industry needs. Here, customers and drivers could undergo training programmes that emphasise on safety driving skills, safety and ‘eco-cien’ driving, driver familiarisation, among others. The curricular and practical training are aimed at minimising life-time cost by increasing up-time and decreasing operational cost.

Heading into 2019, Hino says it is able to reach its goal in after-sales values and raise the awareness on safer roads involving commercial vehicles as the training centre had received a ‘fortuitous number’ of trainees that attended its training programmes throughout 2018. Since its establishment, HTSCC has received continuous support and encouraging response from the logistics industry nationwide. So far, it has trained 10,000 customers.

HTSCC is deemed to give constant exposure to the importance of safe driving skills and the right techniques on vehicle operation, which ultimately raise understanding on the fuel-saving factor and expertise to reduce the risk of an impending accident.

“When road accidents happen, apart from the tragic loss of lives, not many people are aware of the cost to businesses. These costs could be in the vehicle repairs, the insurance paid out to the affected families, the domino effect and disruption to business flow when traffic comes to a halt and more importantly, the reputation factor to the company or brand and the country in general,” said Ken Iwamoto, the Managing Director of Hino Motor Sales Malaysia.

In long-term achievement, Hino believes Malaysia would be one of the developed countries with minimal road hazard cases and injuries on the nation’s highways.








“一旦发生交通事故,除了生命损失,大部分人没有意识到业务上的损失。这些成本也许是汽车修理、支付受波及者的保险费、多米诺骨牌效应,以及车辆停顿下来后对业务流程的影响。更重要的是,该公司的声誉或品牌,以及整个国家都会受到影响。”马来西亚日野汽车销售董事经理岩本显(Ken Iwamoto)表示。


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