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Born to Be Different: Dongfeng’s Road to Being a World Leader

Dongfeng Road World Leader

According to Dongfeng Trucks, its new products have overtaken their rivals in all aspects with upgraded key and important features. 

Dongfeng Trucks Strivet to Become World Leader

Dongfeng Trucks presented two new additions of its fifth generation truck family – Dongfeng KL and Dongfeng KR – on 6th January that were developed independently by the company.

With its own R&D and production facility in China, it is said that the quality of these two new vehicles could rival the best that the top-tier high-end heavy-duty trucks could offer. They are the results that the company achieved through its 5 years in R&D and the stringent quality control that it adheres to at every level of the manufacturing process.

One could see how Dongfeng Trucks had grown since it rolled out its first truck in 1975 to its current new generation intelligent heavy-duty trucks in the Dongfeng KL and medium-duty Dongfeng KR. Being one of China’s leading truck brand, Dongfeng Trucks was an active player in the development of that country’s automobile industry and providing solutions for demanding operations in long haul, regional and local distribution in tough construction, mining and off-road conditions.

The official launch of Dongfeng KL marked the start of the company’s new strategy. Equipped with a reliable powertrain and solid chassis, it has wide power range and various driving configurations. The company’s efforts paid off when Dongfeng KL was crowned the Chinese Truck of the Year (CToY) Award 2020. The award ceremony was held in Wuhan, during the China Commercial Vehicles Show (CCVS) on 2nd November, 2019.

Similar to the renowned International Truck of the Year, the Chinese Truck of the Year Award is presented to the truck introduced to the market in the previous 12 months that makes the greatest contribution to road transport efficiency. Several important criteria are considered, including cab, comfort, safety, driveability, fuel economy, environmental footprint and power performance.

Dongfeng KL has reached the total sales of more than 500,000 units. It has become a highly appreciated product with the highest market share in China. Holding a leading position in the domestic market has not led Dongfeng Trucks to rest on its laurels. It always aspires to become a world leader in the heavy-duty truck segment and Dongfeng KL is a powerful product for the company to make inroads into the international market.

Dongfeng is an automaker that started with a medium-duty truck. Today, Dongfeng KR is a ‘masterpiece’ that integrates the latest intelligent and networking technologies of Dongfeng Trucks. Dongfeng KR was extolled for its ‘attractive appearance, excellent manoeuvrability and great profitability’ the moment it was presented to the market.

To ensure the excellent quality of its final products, Dongfeng Trucks implemented strict quality control in every aspect of the production process, including the contracted upstream parts from suppliers. In addition, the company created a production process framework with elaborate standardised documents to help employees have a greater in-depth understanding of the respective product features. Both models have already passed more than 1.2 million kilometres performance test milestones.

The new generation of the Dongfong KL and KR are more than just transportation tools. They are intelligent terminals equipped with information technology that would accelerate the current China logistics and transportation industry to a modern, intelligent, data-driven logistics and transportation mode.

With the new generation Dongfeng KL and KR coming on-board, Dongfeng Trucks has become a truck manufacturer with the most complete medium and heavy-duty truck range in China. Dongfeng Trucks has entered a new stage of development with five product platforms (Dongfeng VL, Dongfeng VR, Dongfeng KX, Dongfeng KL and Dongfeng KR) sharing the same sales network.

According to Dongfeng Trucks, its new products have overtaken their rivals in all aspects with upgraded key and important features.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (M) Sdn Bhd (DFCVM), the sole importer and distributor of Dongfeng heavy commercial and industrial vehicles in Malaysia, has just launched the new Dongfeng KC model in August this year. This included the KC340 6×4 and KC 375 8×4 for various applications such as mixers and tippers, among others.

Managing Director Lim Khoon Yee was glad that the KC models were well received by the owners and users during the various exhibitions and road shows that were conducted from August 2019.

“We are planning very closely with Dongfeng Trucks to introduce and launch the new Dongfeng KL prime-movers in Malaysia by June next year,” added Lim.

This year 2019 marks the 10th year of Dongfeng Trucks’ operation in Malaysia following the launch of the first model, Bison 260, on 31st March, 2009 under the company named Quasar Industrial Vehicles Sdn Bhd. The name was later changed to DFCVM in January 2011.

Over the decade of its contribution to the construction, logistics and transportation industry, Dongfeng Trucks built its brand name in Malaysia with more than 700 units on the road.

In December 2017, DFCVM was awarded the Outstanding Distributor Award by DFCV. The award is a validation of the important progress the company had made and its commitment to grow the Dongfeng brand in the Malaysian trucking industry.


1 月6日,东风商用车发布其第五代独立研发的新品— 东风天龙KL重卡和东风天锦KR中卡。


自1975年的第一部卡车到最新一代智能东风天龙KL重卡和东风天锦KR中卡的推出 ,东风商用车的成长大家有目共睹。作为中国领先的卡车品牌之一,东风商用车一直积极参与中国汽车行业的发展,在艰难的建筑业、矿业及越野上,为长途、区域性及本地的分销营运提供解决方案 。

东风天龙KL重卡的正式推出,标志着该公司全新策略的开始。配备可靠的动力系统和坚固的底盘,它拥有广泛的动力范围和各种驾驶规格。当东风天龙KL 重卡荣获2020中国年度卡车奖时,该公司的所有努力都获得了回报。该颁奖典礼在2019年11月2日,作为武汉的中国商用车展(CCVS)同期活动之一,盛大举行。


东风天龙KL重卡的总销售量已经超过500,000 辆。它在中国拥有最高的市占额,是最受欢迎的产品。东风商用车并没有因为在中国国内市场领先而心满意足,相反地它一直想成为世界重卡领袖,而东风天龙KL是东风商用车一个强而有力的产品,帮助它进军国际市场。

东风商用车一开始制造的是中卡。今天,东风天锦KR中卡是该公司的精心“杰作”,结合了东风商用车最先进的智能和联网科技。东风天锦KR在推出之际,就 以“吸引人的外观、卓越的操纵性及良好的盈利”获得高度赞美。





东风商用车(马)私人有限公司(DFCVM)是东风的重卡和工业用车辆的马来西亚独家进口和经销商,该公司在今年8月间刚刚发布了东风KC车型。这包括了KC340 6X4 和KC375 8X4 ,适合各种用途如混凝土搅拌车和自卸车等。



2019年是马来西亚东风商用车成立10周年纪念。该公司最初以Quasar工业车辆私人有限公司为名,在2009年3月31日推出了第一个车款 — Bison 260。后来在2011年1月正式改名为马来西亚东风商用车。

该公司这10年来为建筑业、物流业及运输业做出了许多贡献,并成功建立起东风商用车品牌在马来西亚的知名度。目前,共有700 多辆东风卡车在路上行驶。


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