Dongfeng Trucks Launches New Generation Trucks in China

Dongfeng Trucks

Dongfeng Trucks introduced the new heavy-duty KL and new medium-duty KR range together with the flagship Dongfeng KX.

Dongfeng New Generation Heavy & Medium Duty Trucks  

Dongfeng Trucks’ new generation of heavy- and medium-duty trucks were launched in Wuhan, China on 6th January, 2019. The Dongfeng KL and Dongfeng KR are brand new truck platforms that are said to be carefully designed for customers through five years of R&D (research and development) work.

According to Jiang Xuefeng, Senior Vice President, Dongfeng Trucks had focused on putting reliability at the very centre of the development process since 2013. “With strict quality design, comprehensive simulation testing, accelerated durability testing, harsh environment testing and user environment testing, we have ensured that the reliability of our trucks far exceeds the industry standard.” 

Dongfeng Trucks introduced the new heavy-duty KL and new medium-duty KR range together with the flagship Dongfeng KX. Also launched were the Dongfeng VL and VR range, which is targeted at the more price sensitive segments in the China market. This broad truck offering is combined with aftermarket solutions including maintenance, finance and soft products to find a new way to develop the business under the changing market trend. 

In 2015, Dongfeng Motor Group (DFG) and the Volvo Group established a strategic alliance. The legal company, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited (DFCV), was established and focused on the brand name Dongfeng Trucks. 

Today, DFCV is owned 45 per cent by Volvo Group and 55 percent by Dongfeng Group. Both parties joined hands to develop the world-leading Dongfeng brand of commercial vehicle.




东风品牌新一代中重卡于2019年1月6日在中国武汉发布。重卡东风天龙KL和中卡东风天锦KR 是该公司历经5年精心开发的全新平台升级产品。





今天,富豪集团和东风集团分别持有东风商用车45%55% 的股权。双方携手发展世界领先的东风品牌商用车。




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