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Angka-Tan Motor Holds Nationwide Roadshow for New Foton Auman and Aumark Trucks

Angka-Tan Motor Foton Auman

Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd, recently held roadshows themed ‘Technology Leading Into The Future’ for dealers and business associates in Johor Baru and Klang.

Angka-Tan Motor Introduces New Foton Auman & Aumark

To introduce the new Foton Auman and Aumark commercial truck series, distributor Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Warisan TC Holdings Bhd, recently held roadshows themed ‘Technology Leading Into The Future’ for dealers and business associates in Johor Baru and Klang.

The roadshows, which were also held in Kuantan and Malacca, were co-hosted by TC Truck Sales Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Bhd.

Angka-Tan Motor Senior General Manager Danny Ng Kiat Seng, Foton International Trade Co Ltd Vice President Gao Ming and TC Truck Sales Senior Manager (Product Head) Lui Tai Sum were present to welcome guests. Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd (Foton) is the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in China.

Upcoming roadshows would be organised in Butterworth (2nd Oct) and Ipoh (16th Oct).

Foton Auman EST Heavy-Duty Truck

The Foton Auman EST (Energy Super Truck) heavy-duty trucks are known for using technology from global suppliers, thus resulting in a workhorse that delivers superbly on power, fuel saving, reliability, safety and comfort as well as low TCO (total cost of ownership). This heavy-duty truck is offered with 11.8-litre ISG Cummins engines in two states of tune; one with 380hp and 2,000Nm of torque and the other, a higher-powered unit with 430hp and 2,200Nm of torque. Available in 4×2, 6×4 and 6×2 configurations, it is fitted with premium ZF gearboxes (16-speed manual or 12-speed AMT – automated manual transmission).

A highlight is the optional high-performance ZF Intarder, integrated in the transmission, which provides up to 600kW brake force (800hp) and could relieve the service brakes by up to 90 per cent. This results in less wear and overheating on the brakes, and better safety. Depending on need, drivers could also select drive modes such as crawl and sensitive drive.

The Auman EST is also designed with fuel saving technologies that include the ISG Cummins engines, which use ultra-high pressure fuel injection and lightweight materials, and could provide fuel savings of two to three litres per 100km. Its aerodynamically improved truck body design improves drag coefficient by 5 per cent, thus lowering fuel consumption by 2 per cent.

Meanwhile, the ZF Traxon gearbox, which is an AMT, could provide fuel savings of up to 6 per cent compared to the ZF manual gear shifter. It also has a gliding function during coasting for more fuel savings, and is designed for 66 per cent more gear changes and clutch durability of up to 300 per cent compared to the manual transmission.

“The ZF Traxon (AMT) enables a smooth drive and the driver could concentrate on the road, while the advanced steering system enables precise control,” said Ng.

Noteworthy safety features include disc brakes on the front axle as well as a cabin that meets EU regulation (ECER29 – 03) for crash situations and could move backwards 200mm in a collision. Standard safety features include Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR). The Auman EST also has the iBrake engine braking system with a maximum force of up to 370hp to reduce stopping distance by 30 per cent. It features a large cab that matches European competitor trucks, with low interior noise level (pass ECER51-03) and ergonomic switches and controls.

For greater comfort, the Auman EST A 4×2 variant could come with rear air suspension.
Other features include the air suspension seat, electric tilt cabin, double sleeping berths, electrically adjustable rear view mirrors, 70-degree cabin tilt angle and automatic greasing system.

The driver only needs to pump grease to the propeller shaft and front brake camshaft. A manual grease pump and driver training would be provided by Angka-Tan Moto. The Auman EST is designed for a service life span of one million kilometres and built using components from top American and European suppliers, thus ensuring state-of-the-art reliability and quality.

“Low prices for parts and after-sales service ensure best costs and vehicle uptime,” said Ng.

The Auman EST has service intervals of 40,000km and comes with a 4-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Foton Aumark Light-Duty Trucks

Also featuring ZF transmissions across the range, the Foton Aumark light-duty trucks are powered by the Cummins ISF 2.8-litre and 3.8-litre engines. These engines are 10 to 20 per cent lighter with 10 per cent more power than the competition, and are easily matched with any driveline to provide a maximum speed of 115kph, which is 30 per cent higher than rivals.

They are described as very torquey and could meet B20 diesel suitability without any change to the service intervals.

Compared with the competition, fuel consumption is said to be 8 per cent lower and the engines use a modular design that results in the number of parts being reduced by 40 per cent. This greatly lowers weight and maintenance cost.

Models include the Aumark BJ1041 that has a GVW (gross vehicle weight) of 5 tonnes and exhaust brakes. Powered by the Cummins ISF 2.8-litre engine mated to a 5-speed ZF transmission, the Aumark BJ1041 output is 130ps at 3,200rpm and 310Nm at 1,600 to 2,700rpm.

There is also the Aumark BJ1061 that has GVWs of 7.5 or 9 tonnes and is fitted with a full air braking system. It is powered by the Cummins ISF 3.8-litre engine mated to a 6-speed ZF transmission and output is 156ps at 2,600 and 500Nm at 1,200 to 1,900rpm.

The Aumark trucks have service intervals of 15,000km and come with a 4-year or 200,000km warranty.

Angka-Tan 汽车为全新福田欧马可卡车


华丽山陈唱控股有限公司(Warisan TC Holdings Bhd)子公司—Angka-Tan汽车私人有限公司近日透过以“迈向未来技术”为主题的路秀,向其新山和巴生的代理和业务伙伴,介绍全新福田欧曼(Auman)和欧马可(Aumark)商用车。

此外,该公司也与陈唱汽车控股有限公司子公司—陈唱卡车销售私人有限公司(TC Truck Sales Sdn Bhd)联手,在关丹和马六甲举行路秀。

Angka-Tan汽车高级总经理黄杰星、福田国际贸易有限公司副总裁Gao Ming及陈唱卡车销售高级经理(产品主管)Lai Tai Sum在现场欢迎嘉宾。北汽福田汽车有限公司(福田)是中国领先的商用车制造商。


福田欧曼 EST重卡

福田欧曼 EST(超级能源卡车)重卡,透过采用全球供应的科技,带来了一辆动力大、省油、可靠、安全、信心十足,以及低总拥有成本(TCO)的耐用卡车。此重型卡车搭载11.8升ISG 康明斯引擎,有两种动力版本 — 输出功率380hp和2,000rpm扭矩和较高排量430 hp和 2,200rpm扭矩输出。它目前拥有4X2 、6X4 及6X 2车型,配备ZF 变速箱(16速手动或12速自手排)。



与此同时,ZF Traxon自手排变速器,与ZF手排变速箱换档相比,可节省6%的油耗。它还具有空档滑行功能,使它更为节油。与手排变速箱相比,其换档次数多了66%,离合器的耐用性高达300%。

“ZF Traxon 自手排带来顺畅驾驶,让司机能够把注意力放在道路上,其先进的转向系统提供精确操控。”黄杰星说。

显著的安全配备包括前轴制动盘和符合欧盟碰撞法令规定(ECER29-03) ,而且在发生碰撞时能够向后移动200毫米。标准安全配备包括防锁死制动系统(ABS)和防滑调节(ASR)。欧曼EST还拥有iBrake引擎制动系统,制动力最高可达370马力,制动距离降低了30%。它拥有能够比美其竞争欧洲卡车的大驾驶室,内部噪音低(通过ECEER51-03法令), 符合人体工程学的开关和控制器。

为了更高的舒适性,欧曼EST A 4X2 车型可选配后悬挂系统。其他的特点有空气悬浮桌椅、电动倾斜驾驶室、双人卧铺、电动可调节后视镜、倾斜70度的驾驶室及自动润滑系统。




福田欧马可轻卡,搭载康明斯ISF 2.8升和3.8升引擎,配备ZF变速箱。这些引擎比竞争者的重量轻10-20%,动力却更大,而且能够配合任何传输系统,最高的速度可达115kph,比其竞争者高了30%。它被形容很有动力,能够在不改变服务周期下,采用B20生物柴油。

据悉,与竞争者相比,该卡车的油耗低了8%。它模块化的引擎设计,将零部件降低40%, 大大减低引擎的重量和维修成本。

车款包括欧马可BJ1041,车全重(GVW)5吨 和避震器。搭载康明斯ISF 2.8升引擎,配备ZF 5速变速箱,欧马可BJ1041在3,200rpm 下可输出130ps ,在1,600至2,700rpm下可输出310Nm的扭矩。

此外,还有欧马可BJ1061,车全重7.5吨或9吨,配备全空气自动系统。搭载康明斯ISF 3.8升引擎,ZF 6 速变速箱,在2,600转速下可输出156ps 和在1,200至1,900rpm下可输出500Nm的扭矩。


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