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New Foton Aumark S Super Truck Redefines the Light Trucking Experience

Foton Aumark S Super Truck

The new Aumark S 4X2 light truck is targeting the cold chain, logistics and urban delivery sectors. 

Angka-Tan Motor Introduces New Foton Aumark S Super Truck

Last year, invited customers and dealers of Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd to a special tour of the Foton Super Truck plant in Shangdong, China were granted a sneak peek of the new Aumark S Super Truck.

The walking tour, organised by Angka-Tan Motor, the distributor of Foton vehicles in Malaysia was to provide a bird’s eye view of how Foton trucks were being built, including the new Aumark S. From assembly lines, complex equipment, a high level of robotics and automated systems to provide stringent quality controls, as well as production tests.

“We have kept our promise to our dealers and customers, with the arrival of 20 units of the new Aumark S, despite the market uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Except 1 unit, held for demonstration purposes, all the 19 units were taken,” said Senior General Manager Danny Ng.

The Aumark S, he said, demonstrated the power of a combination of Daimler, Cummins, ZF and other international leading technologies. Designed for the mid-high and high-end market with Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 7.5 tonnes and 9 tonnes, he said, the new Aumark S 4X2 light truck is targeting the cold chain, logistics and urban delivery sectors.

“At its fifth generation, Aumark S features a modern and high quality appearance that sets the standard in its class. It has improved greatly from the older generation, its power, chassis, electronics and vehicle’s body have all been fully upgraded to meet the demanding needs of today’s logistics and transportation needs.”

Technology & Performance

The two engines being used by Foton are the Cummins ISF turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine, available in 2.8-litre and 3.8-litre variants. The former produces 149PS of power along with 353Nm of torque, which makes it ideal for transporting light weight goods such as bread and bakery products and courier services, while the latter produces 156PS of power and 500Nm of torque for heavy duty logistics. These engines are very light and offer outstanding fuel economy, with a low RPM. The engines are also much quieter than previous models on the market.”

Produced by Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Company Ltd (BFCEC), he explained, a 50/50 joint venture between Cummins Inc, and Beiqi Foton Motor Company, the ISF engines have been designed for low weight and high-power density, providing best in class power-to-weight ratios.

Coupled to the Cummins ISF engine is the ZF 6 speed manual transmission. ZF, he said, is a global leader in truck transmissions and this component is the perfect partner for optimising the Cummins engine.  With a ‘kerb to kerb’ turning circle of only 12.2 metres, the Aumark S provides drivers with class leading manoeuvrability.

In addition to its higher cabin, he pointed out that the body width of Aumark S was widened to 2,060mm from 1,995mm and its length from 1,575mm to 1,612mm, making it one of the widest in its class, providing a spacious ergonomic environment that places the driver at the command centre.

“The cabin is designed with drivers in mind.  It has high standard finish, comfortable and ergonomics interiors. From a practical and user-friendly 3.2-inch LCD super large screen display, which helps the driver to use all the features of the truck easily, including a dual action telescopic and titling steering column, plus incorporating seats to the storage details. There are also alarm functions available, including the abnormal vehicle fault warning, as well as another for unfastened seat belts. An additional benefit for the driver is that they can remain focused on the road, in part due to the multi-functional steering wheel controls, offering cruise controls at the click of a button.”

Vehicle Safety and Vigorous Tests

In terms of safety, he added, Aumark S is built with European safety standards, meaning it is equipped with both active and passive safety features. It comes with an electric adjustable headlight where the headlight’s height is adjustable from the cab. The front combined low beam for the lens structure and the intensity of the single high beam reaches a maximum of 50,000 CD, which is extremely bright as the daytime sunlight is only 2000 CD.  To further enhance the truck’s visibility and safety for other road users is it has LED daytime running lights, which could reduce the accident rates and mortality rates by 12.4 per cent and 26.4 per cent respectively.

“A full 360-degree viewpoint is made possible with the large windscreen of Aumark S, eliminating the danger of vehicle blind spots. Additionally, the braking stability is guaranteed, so with a deviation of 80km/h, the emergency braking is less than 0.8m. This is thanks to its high- performance Wabco full air braking system, combined with the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), which both provide high braking performance even under extreme operating conditions. Complementing this full air braking system is an exhaust brake system that provides increased vehicle control and brake savings, by transforming Cummins horsepower into braking power. These combined features bring immediacy, dependability and safety braking performance to all applications.”

Along with the active safety features is the passive safety features such as the Aumark S’cab, which is compliant to UN ECE R29-rated cab strength, a hinge reinforcement plate and an M-shape anti-collision beam for maximum protection against the side accidental impact. Particularly relevant is the front windscreen interlayer glass that could reduce the risk of head and brain injuries as it keeps the layers of glass bonded even when broken, and its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large, sharp pieces in the event of accidents or the impact of hard road debris.

Other features, he said, include power windows, aluminium fuel tanks that are light in weight and which help to save fuel costs, while reducing greenhouse gases, as well as anti-corrosion. The doors can be opened to approximately 90 degrees, rather than the 80 or so degrees on other makes and previous Foton models, making it easier to get in and out of the truck.  For central locking the stylistic remote control key opens the truck door remotely, which is another modern feature of the Aumark S.

“In addition to the reverse sensor and a reversing buzzer, there are five exterior mirrors to provide enhanced safety and another viewpoint for the driver when reversing,” he added.

The new Aumark S comes with a 5 years warranty or 200,000km allowance, whichever comes first.

Foton has tested the Aumark S to the max, from durability tests at the international test field, reliability tests on the high ring road, operating tests on ice and snow / cold weather testing (-27.5°C), high altitude testing (4700m) along with extreme hot weather testing (47°C). This year to date (up to the month of August 2020), the Aumark S range has sold in China’s local and overseas market a total of 108,276 units, a figure that speaks for itself. Thus, we are confidence that Aumark S will be the most viable long awaited solution for the cold chain, logistics and urban delivery sectors with its five selling points as a Super Truck, which stands for super Safe, Utility, Powerful, Efficient and Reliable,” Ng concluded.

全新福田欧马可S 超级卡重新定义轻卡货运体验




他说,欧马可S展示了结合戴姆勒、康明斯、采埃孚(ZF)及其他领先技术的威力。 欧马可S推出两种款型,车全重分别为7.5吨和9 吨,目标是中高端和高端的冷链、物流及城市配送领域。



福田欧马可S搭载两款康明斯ISF系列, 2.8升和3.8升四缸涡轮增压柴油引擎。他说,2.8升的最大功率149 PS,最大扭矩353Nm,适用于运输重量比较轻的货物,3.8升的最大功率156 PS,最大扭矩500Nm则适合重型物流。这两款都是轻量化低转速引擎,非常省油,也比之前的款型更安静。






他补充说,在安全方面,欧马可S符合欧洲安全标准,意味着它配备主动和被动安全功能。它可通过驾驶室调整电动车前灯的照射高度。近光灯配透镜,单远光灯最高可达50,000CD亮度值,非常明亮,白天的阳光亮度也只不过2,000CD。其LED日间行车灯,进一步加强卡车的可视度,提高其他公路使用者的安全,交通事故率和死亡率,分别减少了12.4% 和26.4%。


与主动安全功能一起的是被动安全功能如欧马可S驾驶室符合欧洲UN ECE R29强度标准,铰链增强板及M形防撞梁能够在发生侧面意外撞击时,提供最大的保护。特别是采用夹层玻璃的前挡风镜,即使碎裂了也能粘结一起,降低伤及头部和脑袋的风险,而且它的强度高,避免因交通事故或因被道路上坚硬的碎片击中导致玻璃碎裂成大且尖锐的碎片。




他说:“福田已经对欧马可S进行最大程度的测试,从国际测试场的耐用性测试、高环路的可靠性测试、冰雪路/冷天气(-27.5°C)运作测试、高海拔测试(4,700米)以及极端热天气测试(47°C)。截至今年8月,欧马可S的海内外销售量达108,276辆,不言自明,大家有目共睹。因此,我们深信凭借着它作为超级卡车的五大销售点 — 超级安全、运用、强大、高效及可靠,欧马可S将成为冷链、物流、城市配送领域期待已久,最可行的解决方案。”

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