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Foton Aumark S City Flyer Light Truck Makes Debut in Malaysia

The new Foton Aumark S City Flyer four-wheeler BJ1065 series is offered in two versions.

Foton Aumark S City Flyer Available in Two Versions 

Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Foton Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) and Foton Auman in Malaysia, has introduced the all-new Foton Aumark S City Flyer four-wheeler BJ1065 light-duty truck to the market. 

The Foton Aumark S City Flyer four-wheeler BJ1065 series is offered in two versions – the VDJD4 and VDJD6 with a wheelbase of 2800mm and 3360mm respectively. 

“As inflationary factors creep in, such as fuel price increase, we are seeing increasing demand from business owners looking out for vehicles that could deliver efficiency, productivity and uptime. The all-new Foton Aumark S City Flyer four-wheeler BJ1065 series meets these criteria and could help them swiftly achieve their business objectives,” said Tan Keng Meng, Chief Executive Officer of Warisan TC Holdings Bhd, the parent company of Angka-Tan Motor and a member of Tan Chong Group. 

Angka-Tan Motor is a subsidiary of Warisan TC Holdings and member of Tan Chong Group

The Aumark S City Flyer, which comes one and a half years after the inaugural launch of the Aumark S Super Truck six-wheeler in December 2020, is also built on the Foton’s SUPER (safety, utility, power, efficiency and reliability) philosophy platform. 

As a product of the Super Truck Global Innovation Alliance, the Aumark S City Flyer sees world-leading technology players like Cummins, ZF Friedrichshafen, Wabco, Bosch and Exedy join forces on their expertise and top-notch technology. It is powered by the latest generation Cummins ISF 2.8-litre Euro-3 turbocharged engine that is coupled to the ZF five-speed manual transmission. It produces 129hp (96kW) at 3200rpm and 310Nm of torque at 1600 to 2700rpm.

The City Flyer has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 5.6 tonnes, a top feature in the four-wheeler category, and is best suited for inner-city and intra-city trips, allowing customers to carry more payload per trip.

Its cabin is redesigned and improved to give the driver and co-driver more comfort while reducing fatigue during prolonged driving. The seats are enhanced with an extended foam life and wear-resistant fabric. It also comes with a platform water cupholder and overhead file cabinet.

Safety features include an updated chassis design that meets European safety standards and is tested in full compliance with Economic Commission for Europe’s (ECE) R29 stringent safety regulations. It is fitted with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) that prevents the wheels from locking up during heavy braking, Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist to help with stronger and safer braking performance in case of an emergency.

“Safety and reliability are paramount; all Foton trucks are manufactured according to the most stringent standards and in line with Foton’s ‘SUPER’ promise. To ensure this, the Aumark S City Flyer development work included a 1.6-million kilometre extreme environmental durability test to guarantee exceptional ability in weathering the harshest of environments,” Danny Ng, Senior General Manager of Angka-Tan Motor Sdn Bhd, said.

As the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles in China, the company accelerated the development of low-carbon and zero-carbon technologies for commercial vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. At the forefront of its priority, Foton initiatives are in response to climate change and saw the company aligning with China’s proposal to achieve a carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.

“That is why it is crucial to accelerate the development of low-carbon and zero-carbon technologies for commercial vehicles, reducing both fuel consumption and carbon emissions,” said Eric Wang, General Manager, Southeast Asia Region, Beiqi Foton Motor Co Ltd.

To echo Wang’s view, Tan said, “We would work with Foton to bring these new developments and initiatives to Malaysia.”

The Foton Motor Group has sold above 10 million vehicles in more than 110 countries. The group was ranked first in China’s commercial vehicle industry for 17 consecutive years. It is the 34th top 500 brand in China with a brand value of US$26 billion.

All Foton commercial vehicles in Malaysia come with the Foton Total Care, backed by Tan Chong Group’s service network. 

On top of that, owners could opt for the TC Trust. TC Trust is a service agreement that is tailored specifically to suit businesses. It is designed to optimise Foton trucks’ total cost of ownership and provide a hassle-free fleet maintenance management. 

In addition, there is also driver training and development to enhance drivers’ skill and help them become more fuel-efficient in the way they drive, translating to higher uptime and lower operational costs. In the case of an emergency, there are the 24-hour Res-Q service and One-Stop Repair and Insurance Service to provide optimal uptime around the clock.

The Aumark S City Flyer four-wheeler BJ1065VDJD4 (2800mm) is priced at the Market Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of RM93,900 and the BJ1065VDJD6 (3360mm) is priced at RM95,900 for Peninsular Malaysia. For East Malaysia, the MSRP for the BJ1065VDJD4 (2800mm) is RM100,900 while the BJ1065VDJD6 (3360mm) carries a price tag of RM102,900. Every City Flyer is covered with a five-year or 200,000km warranty.


福田欧马可S City Flyer 轻卡大马首次亮相


福田轻型商用车和福田欧曼的马来西亚独家经销商Angka-Tan 汽车私人有限公司,近期推出了全新的福田欧马可(Aumark) S City Flyer BJ1065四轮轻卡

福田欧马可S City Flyer BJ1065 四轮轻卡系列提供 VDJD4 和 VDJD6两种车型,轴距分别为 2800 毫米和 3360 毫米。

华丽山陈唱控股有限公司(Angka-Tan汽车母公司和陈唱集团)首席执行长陈庆明表示:“随着通货膨胀的蔓延,例如燃油价格上涨,我们看到业主对能够提供效率、生产力和正常运行时间的车辆需求不断增加。全新的福田欧马可 S City Flyer BJ1065 四轮车系列符合这些标准,能够帮助他们迅速实现业务目标。”


欧马可S City Flyer 是在2020年12月首次推出欧马可S超级卡车6 轮车一年半之后推出的。该款卡车也同样建基于福田的 SUPER(Safety-安全、Utiliy-实用、Power-动力、Efficiency-效率和Reliability可靠性)理念平台。

作为全球超级卡车创新联盟的产品,欧马可S City Flyer 集结世界领先的科技企业包括康明斯、采埃孚(ZF Friedrichshafen)、威伯科(WABCO)、博世和埃克塞迪(Exedy)等的专业知识和一流的技术。它搭载新一代康明斯 ISF 2.8 升 欧3 涡轮增压引擎和 采埃孚5 速手动变速箱。它在 3,200 rpm下输出 129 马力 (96kW) 的功率,在 1,600 至 2,700 rpm 下可产生 310 Nm 的扭矩。

City Flyer车全重 (GVW) 5.6 吨,是同级四轮卡车中的佼佼者,最适合在城市和城际之间穿行,提高客户每次出行的有效载荷。


其轻卡升级底盘设计符合欧洲安全标准,并且通过欧洲经济委员会 (ECE) 的 R29 严格安全法规测试。它配备了防锁死制动系统 (ABS),可防止车轮在剧烈制动时被锁死,还具有电子制动力分配 (EBD) 和制动辅助系统,可在紧急情况下提供更强大、更安全的制动性能。

高级总经理黄杰星说:“安全和可靠性是福田的重中之重,所有福田的卡车均按照最严格的标准制造,也符合福田的‘SUPER’承诺。为确保这一点,欧马可 S City Flyer 通过了 160 万公里的极端环境耐久性测试,以保证在最恶劣的环境中具有卓越的性能。”




福田汽车集团在全球 110 多个国家的销售量超过 1千万辆。该集团连续17年蝉联中国商用卡车冠军,位列中国品牌500强第34位,品牌价值达260亿美元。

马来西亚的福田商用车均可享用陈唱集团服务网络提供的福田Total Care。TC Trust 是专为企业量身定制的服务协议,旨在优化福田卡车的总拥有成本,并提供无忧的车队维护管理。 

此外,还有驾驶员培训和发展,加强驾驶员的驾驶技术,以更省油的方式驾驶,从而提高正常运行时间并降低运营成本。该公司可提供 24 小时 Res-Q 紧急支援服务和一站式维修及保险服务,为客户带来全天候的最佳正常运行时间。 

欧马可S City Flyer四轮卡车 BJ1065VDJD42800 毫米)的建议马来西亚半岛零售价为 93,900 令吉,而 BJ1065VDJD63360毫米)的售价为 95,900 令吉。BJ1065VDJD4 (2800毫米) 在东马的建议零售价为 RM100,900,而 BJ1065VDJD6 (3360毫米) 的售价为 RM102,900。每辆 City Flyer 均享有 5 年或 200,000 公里的保修期。

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