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Berjaya China Motor Introduces New Foton View CS2 and C2 Vans

Berjaya China Motor Foton View

Berjaya China Motor Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor for Foton Van Series brought in three new products recently.

BCM to Bring in Foton IBlue

Berjaya China Motor Sdn Bhd (BCM), the exclusive distributor for Foton Van Series, brought in three new products – the Foton View CS2 2.0 Turbo Diesel City Van, Foton View C2 2.0 Turbo Diesel Panel Van (two or five seaters).

“The all-new Foton View CS2 City Van stands out from its rivals as the first van that is equipped with Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Its ADAS consists of Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Automated Emergency Braking (AEB) as well as Bosch 4 Channel ABS+EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution). Therefore, the new City Van is beyond comfortable with peace of mind safety,” said Chief Executive Officer Datuk Donald Choo.

Additionally, he continued, safety was further increased with its ultra-strength body, three points pretensioner seat belts, front dual airbags and escape skylight, just to name a few.  Also greatly enhanced was comfort as special attention was paid to soundproofing the cabin, reducing the Noise, Vibration and Hardness (NVH). The dimensions of the City Van – 5,390mm long, 1,920mm wide and 2,285mm in height with a 14-seater layout – he stressed made it ideal for businesses to transport passengers, tourists or workers from one place to another. He believed there was no van as comfortable and safe as the Foton View CS2.

Meanwhile, the new Foton View C2 2.0 Turbo Diesel Panel Van and Semi-Panel Van each has an overall dimension of 4,840mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,980mm in height to provide a large cargo space of six cubic metres. Both vans have dual sliding doors that enable easy and quick loading and unloading of goods.

Safety features, he said, included Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and EBD, ESC, reverse sensor as well as driver’s airbag.

Foton View CS2 and both Foton View C2 variants are powered by the new D01 engine that offers excellent power, producing 135 horsepower and 330Nm of torque. With Bosch’s latest high pressure common-rail direct injection technology, the 2000-bar injection pressure provides a higher degree of fuel atomisation with fuller combustion. In addition, its WGT turbocharger with high torque at low speed also gives ample power at high speed. It is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox for improved fuel efficiency and acceleration,” he added.

The higher the gear, he explained, would provide better fuel consumption. “An additional gear allows a smaller and more economical engine to power a large vehicle. The Foton View C2 is one of the first few panel vans to come equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox.”

The ergonomic optimisation of clutch and shift control for these new models is another area worth mentioning. The ergonomic optimisation of the clutch pedal is achieved by adjusting the lower limit structure, which shortens clutch pedal travel and lowers the height of the joint point. According to Choo, this solved the problem of high clutch, long travel and laborious operation in the old model, and improved the comfort level of clutch operation.

Foton is extending the warranty period to six years or 200,000km. The warranty covers all Foton vehicles including the all-new Foton View CS2, Foton View C2 Panel Van and Semi Panel Van. With a longer warranty duration, Foton guarantees peace of mind for our customers as they run their business,” he added.

In short, Choo said, all these new models were powerful, safe, quiet, comfortable, durable and reliable with ultra-low fuel consumption.

With the rising interest in Electric Vehicles (EV) in Malaysia, he revealed that the company planned to bring in the Foton IBlue. This EV van is said to be particularly favoured by customers for its environmental friendliness, energy efficiency operation and maintenance.

“The 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) IBlue not only has 7.1m³ loading space and the largest cargo compartment length in its class at 3.38m, it also has a range of 195km under Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Cycle (WLTC) conditions. Powered by an electric motor developed in cooperation with Jingjin Electric Motor, with peak power of 85kW and maximum torque up to 290Nm, the IBlue could start and go up inclines easily with a full load, making it ideal for efficient logistics in Malaysia. It is equipped with the industry’s top CATL battery, which has a capacity of up to 50.23kWh. The battery is of high energy density and long service life. It takes 40 minutes to charge up to 80 per cent and when fully charged, it could travel up to 250km.”

Other features include button type electric gearshift, front discs and real drums that provide more efficient braking performance, high tensile steel body frame and anti-collision safety bar for enhanced safety as well as sliding doors on both sides and rear tailgate for easy access, among others.

成功中国汽车推出全新福田View CS2 和C2客货车

福田客货车系列的独家经销商–成功中国汽车私人有限公司(BCM)带来了三款新产品– 福田 View CS2 2.0升涡轮增压柴油城市客货车、福田View C2 2.0升涡轮增压柴油厢式客货车(两座或五座)。

首席执行长拿督朱俊杰表示:“作为第一款配备高级驾驶辅助系统(ADAS)的厢式货车,全新的福田View CS2 城市客货车从其竞争对手中脱颖而出。其ADAS系统包括电子稳定控制系统(ESC)、车道偏离警告系统(LDWS)、自动紧急制动系统(AEB)以及博世4通道防锁死制动系统+电子制动力分配(ABS+EBD)。因此,这款全新的城市客货车不仅舒适,还非常安全。”

他续说,福田View CS2超强度的车身、具预紧功能的三点式安全带、前排双安全气囊和逃生天窗等进一步提高了它的安全性。依托其优异的静音设计和隔音座舱,有效降低噪音、振动和声振粗糙度 (NVH),大大提升该客货车的舒适度。这款采用14座布局的城市客货车长5,390 毫米、宽 1,920 毫米和高2,285 毫米。他强调说,它非常适合用来运送乘客、游客或工人,并相信目前没有一辆客货车像福田View CS2这般舒适和安全。

至于全新福田View C2 2.0升涡轮增压柴油厢式货车和半厢式货车则长4,840毫米、宽1,695毫米、高1,980毫米,可提供6立方米的超大载货空间。两辆货车都配备两个滑动门,装卸货物既快捷又方便。

他说,这两款客货车的安全功能包括防锁死制动系统 (ABS)和EBD、ESC、倒车传感器及驾驶员安全气囊。

他补充说:“福田View CS2和两种福田 View C2 车型都同样搭载新型,可提供出色的动力的D01引擎,可产生135马力的功率和330牛顿米的扭矩。凭借博世最新的高压共轨直喷技术,2000巴的喷射压力带来更高的燃油雾化和更充分的燃烧。此外,其低转速大扭矩的WGT涡轮增压器在高速时也能提供充沛的动力。它配备六速手动变速箱,油耗更低,加速更快。”

他解释说,档位越高,油耗越低。“一个额外的齿轮可以让更小、更经济的引擎为大型车辆提供动力。福田View C2是首批配备六速手动变速箱的厢式货车之一。”


他补充说:“福田汽车将保修期延长至6年或 200,000 公里。保修涵盖所有福田车辆,包括全新的福田View CS2、福田View C2 厢式货车和半厢式货车。福田通过更长的保修期,让客户能够安心营业。”



“3.5 吨的IBlue不仅拥有7.1立方米的装载空间,而且还拥有同类产品中最大的货舱长度,也即是3.38 米。在全球统一轻型车辆测试程序 (WLTC)标准下的续航里程可达195 公里或根据新欧洲驾驶循环(NEDC)测试下可达235公里。搭载与京津电机合作开发的电机,峰值功率85kW,最大扭矩290Nm,车子在满载的情况下也能轻松起步和上坡,是马来西亚高效物流的理想之选。采用行业顶级的宁德时代电池,容量高达50.23kWh。该电池的能量密度高,使用寿命长。40分钟可充至80%,充满电后可行驶250公里。”


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