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YonMing Showcases Solution Offering at AMKL 2023

YonMing AMKL 2023

YonMing Group took part in the Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2023 to demonstrate its commitment to the commercial industry.

YonMing Reconfirms Its Position as One-Stop Solution Provider

YonMing Group took part in the recently concluded Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2023 (AMKL 2023), held from 16th to 18th March at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, to demonstrate its commitment to the commercial industry.

“In this year’s show, our focus was on the various solutions that we offered. Apart from   carrying an extensive range of well-known components and parts including WABCO, Valeo, Sabo, Contitech Air Spring, Phoenix Air Spring ,Wechai, Fast and Hendrickson, just to name a few, Shacman truck sales, after-sales support and maintenance service, we would like to reaffirm our position as the one-stop solution provider for commercial fleet and individual owner. We took this opportunity to showcase our Euro-Technic range of products and Euro used parts for commercial vehicles as well as our expertise in Volvo I-Shift ECU , Volvo EAC, Scania APU, All EBS Valve, Scania XPI injector, Volvo F2 Injector, Common Rail injector and Electronic Clutch Actuator Repair service,” said YonMing Group General Manager Kau Peng Yap.

Euro-Technic, he pointed out, was YonMing’s in-house brand, with products ranging from cooling, steering, air, clutch to braking system, engine, cabin, electrical, clutch, suspension to transmission parts.

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洋珉集团近日通过参加从3月16日至18日在吉隆坡会展中心隆重举行的2023年吉隆坡国际汽车零配件、维修检测诊断设备及服务用品展览会(Automechanika Kuala Lumpur 2023),展示其对卡车行业的承诺。

洋珉集团总经理高平业表示:“我们今年展会的重点是我们所提供的各种解决方案。除了代理威伯科(WABCO)、法雷奥(Valeo)、萨博(Sabo)、康迪泰克空气弹簧(Contitech Air Sprin)、凤凰空气弹簧(Phoenix Air Spring)、微柴(Weichai)、法士特(Fast)、瀚瑞森(Hendrickson)等众多知名零部件、从事陕汽卡车销售、售后支持和维护服务外,我们想重申我们作为商业车队和个人所有者一站式解决方案提供商的地位。我们借着这个展会展示了我们的Euro-Technic系列产品和用于商用车的Euro二手零件,以及我们在沃尔沃I-Shift ECU、沃尔沃 EAC、斯堪尼亚APU、全EBS阀、斯堪尼亚XPI喷油器、沃尔沃F2喷油器、共轨喷油器及电子离合器执行器维修服务方面的专门知识与技能。”



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