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Vista Wheels’ Excellent After-sales Service Attracts Pentas Flora

Vista Wheels Pentas Flora

Vista Wheels, the authorised dealer of Mitsubishi Fuso, handed over another 11 new Fuso waste oil tankers to Pentas Flora recently.

Vista Wheels’ Excellent After-sales Service Secures Pentas Flora’s Continuous Support

Vista Wheels, the authorised dealer of Mitsubishi Fuso, handed over another 11 new Fuso waste oil tankers to Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd  recently at the latter’s headquarters in Banting, Selangor. This followed the purchase made earlier by the company that saw the delivery of 11 Fuso trucks last year. The recent handover comprised 8 units of 4,500kg and 3 units of 7,500kg tankers.

Pentas Flora’s relationship with Vista Wheels started in 2014. “We have been using the Fuso brand since 2011. Fuso trucks are capable of taking the heavy workload, safe, highly reliable and have very little downtime. They are also durable and economical. The main reason we continue buying from Vista Wheels is because of its excellent after-sales service. Time is money and maximum uptime is maximum profit,” said David Ng, Operations Director of Pentas Flora.

Ng praised Book Lim Guan, Head of Sales at Vista Wheels, for his service commitment. Upon placing an order for Fuso trucks, he said that Vista Wheels would deliver the trucks on time. “His commitment carries on even after we have closed the deal. We are happy with his speedy response to our calls, requests and even complaints. The consistent maintenance service also provides us with peace of mind,” he added.

Furthermore, Ng also said Pentas Flora was impressed with the extensive service network that was provided nationwide by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles (MBMCV).

At present, Pentas Flora has more than 60 trucks, with 55 of them being the Fuso brand. He also revealed that the company would change its vehicles every 5 to 6 years to ensure maximum efficiency.

Pentas Flora was established in 2007 as a collection agent of used oil for recovery purposes in Kota Damansara. The company relocated in 2010 to its current premises on a 4-acre plot of land in Banting. Around the same time, the EXSIM group of companies took over the entire ownership of Pentas Flora with the injection of fresh capital for expansion such as purchasing state-of-the-art machinery for processing and re-refining used oil. Pentas Flora is an innovative scheduled waste management company licensed by the Department of Environment (DOE) to collect scheduled wastes from various industries. The company is also focused on producing ecological re-refined products as an optional fuel for industrial use.

With the current fleet of trucks and 14 collecting stations nationwide, including East Malaysia, the company looks to continue expanding its truck fleet to achieve its ambitious business targets. The company has received many awards such as ISO certification for Oil & Gas Quality Management System and Laboratory Management System. In Malaysia, Pentas Flora received the My Hijau Mark Label from Malaysia Green Technology and Green Label Certification from the Singapore Environment Council for Base Oil 150N and Eco-Light Fuel Oil. And in 2016, it received the Malaysia Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership award – Waste Treatment Company from Frost & Sullivan.

With these achievements, Pentas Flora aims to be listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia soon and is working towards that goal. With the potential listing aspiration, Pentas Flora plans to expand to Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand and other parts of South-east Asia.

Moving forward, Pentas Flora believes in recycling and renewable energy use; i.e. keeping the environment clean and sustainable. Its motto is ‘Cradle to Cradle.’

Vista Wheel 卓越售后服务赢得Pentas Flora 持续支持

Vista Wheels,三菱扶桑的授权代理,近日将另外11 辆扶桑废油罐车移交给 Pentas Flora。此简单的移交仪式在Pentas Wheel位于雪兰莪万津的总部举行。这是该公司继去年购买11 辆扶桑卡车之后的再次购买。近日移交的包括8辆4,500公斤和3辆7,500公斤的罐车。

Pentas Floral与Vista Wheels的关系始于2014年。“我们从2011年开始就采用扶桑品牌。扶桑卡车能够运载重物、安全、很少发生故障。它们非常耐用和经济。我们继续向Vista Wheel 购买扶桑的主要原因是因为他们卓越的售后服务。时间就是金钱,最高的出勤率就是最高的利润  。” Pentas Flora 运营总裁吴有全表示。

吴有全赞美Vista Wheel销售部门主管卜林群对服务的承诺。他说 该公司能够 准时交付所订购的卡车。“我们达成交易后,他依然信守承诺。他总是快速地回复我的电话、回应我们的要求,甚至抱怨。他的一致性服务,让我们完全没有后顾之忧。” 他补充。

此外,吴有全说,Pentas Flora 很满意马赛地马来西亚商用车公司(MBMCV) 所提供的广泛服务网络。

目前,Pentas Flora拥有超过60 辆卡车,扶桑品牌就占了55辆。他表示,该公司每5 至6年便会更换他们的车辆以确保最高的效率。


Pentas Flora 成立于2007年,是哥打白沙罗的废油回收代理。该公司在2010年搬迁到目前位于万津面积4英亩的工厂。同一个时候,EXSIM集团公司收购了该公司所有的股权,注入了新的资金作为扩张用途如购买尖端的重新精炼废油和为废油加工的设备。Pentas Flora是家创新的定期废油管理公司,拥有环境部发出的执照,定期收集各行各业的废物 。该公司也聚焦于生产再精炼环保产品,作为工业用途的替代燃油。


该公司以目前现有的车队,在全马,包括东马拥有14 个收集站,并计划继续扩张其车队,实现它充满野心的业务目标。该公司赢得许多奖项和认证如石油及天然气品质管理系统和实验室管理系统ISO 认证。在马来西亚,Pentas Flora 的150N 基础油和Eco-Light 燃油荣获马来西亚绿色科技的My Hijau标志标签和新加坡环境委员会的绿色标签认证。2016年,它赢得Frost & Sullivan马来西亚创新策略竞赛及领袖奖 -废物处理公司。


凭借着这样的成就,Petnas Flora的目标是放眼在短期内成为马来西亚证卷交易所主板上市公司,并积极朝该目标迈进。Pentas Flora带着成为上市公司的潜能,计划扩展至新加坡、印尼、泰国及其他东南亚国家。


迈步向前,Pentas Flora相信再循环和再生燃油的应用,比如保持环境的干净和可持续性。“从摇篮到摇篮”是它的座右铭。

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