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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles Delivers 24 Fuso Trucks to Pentas Flora

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Fuso Trucks

Delivery of 24 Fuso light-duty trucks this year represents growing partnership between Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles (MBM CV) and Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd.

Forging Greater Trust in Sales And After Sales Excellence, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles Delivers 24 Fuso Trucks to Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles (MBM CV), authorised distributor of Fuso trucks in Malaysia, and authorised Fuso dealer Vista Wheels Sdn Bhd recently delivered 24 Fuso trucks to Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd, the only and largest privately-owned oil refinery plant in Malaysia.

“As a long-time trusted partner of the nation’s haulage and logistics industry, MBM CV continues our on-going pledge to the Malaysian market. Our commitment in providing trucks of the highest quality, while offering reliability and economic efficiency, is of the utmost importance to us and our customers. We are absolutely pleased that Pentas Flora has placed its confidence in our highly reliable and economical commercial vehicles and extensive service network. It is a trust that we greatly value and appreciate deeply,” said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, Vice President, Commercial Vehicles, Albert Yee.

A Fuso customer since 2011, Pentas Flora’s recently purchased fleet of 24 Fuso light-duty trucks comprise primarily the FE71PB and FE83PG series. The FE71PB series is commonly used for short distance distribution and inter-state logistic transportation while the FE83PG series is suitable for unpaved or rougher terrain. Vista Wheels would provide extensive after-sales support and vehicle maintenance for Pentas Flora’s Fuso fleet that travels routinely to its branch offices nationwide.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Vista Wheels Head of Sales Book Lim Guan said: “In the haulage industry, we understand that customers require vehicles that are safe, durable and perform well under pressure. Peace-of-mind is what customers look for and together with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicles, we are proud to deliver the highest level of quality and service to Pentas Flora.”

“As a company that relies heavily on the transportation of used oil and a one-stop provider for waste management, our trucks need to be in tip-top condition. We depend on consistent after-sales service for our fleet that is reliable and more importantly, with absolutely minimal downtime. We are on track for positive growth this year; so it is only natural that we look to MBM CV to deliver the necessary services in expanding our Fuso truck fleet,” said Pentas Flora Operation Director David Ng.

Established in 2008, Pentas Flora’s primary business is to provide an integrated solution of waste management and recycle used engine and other mineral oils for companies. A member of the EXSIM Group Of Companies, Pentas Flora is currently on an aggressive expansion drive, with plans to open its 12th factory in Labuan this year. To-date, Fuso trucks make up 90 per cent of the company’s 61 units in its commercial vehicle fleet. Pentas Flora is set to further expand its fleet by year end.

Earlier this year, Hap Seng Trucks Distribution Sdn Bhd acquired the Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commercial Vehicle business. Hap Seng Trucks Distribution would be responsible for the commercial vehicle business, handling the import, assembly, wholesale distribution and after-sales service of Mercedes-Benz and Fuso commercial vehicles in Malaysia.

马赛地马来西亚商用车24辆扶桑卡车交付Pentas Flora

马赛地马来西亚商用车(MBM CV),扶桑卡车授权马来西亚经销商与Vista Wheels私人有限公司最近将24 辆扶桑卡交付Pentas Flora 私人有限公司,大马唯一也是最大的私营炼油厂。

“作为国内运输与物流行业里可信赖的长期伙伴,马赛地马来西亚商用车将继续履行对市场的承诺。我们立志在为客户提供高品质的同时,也提供可靠性与经济效率 。 Pentas Flora对我们高度可靠与具经济效益的卡车及广泛的服务网络充满信心,让我们感到无比开心。”马来西亚马赛地商用车副总裁茹海成表示。

自2011年以来就采用扶桑卡车的Pentas Flora,最近购买了24辆扶桑轻卡,主要是FE71PB和FE83PG车款。FE71PB车系主要适用于短程配送和州际物流,而FE83PG系列则用于未铺砌或粗糙的地形。Vista Wheel为经常要往返全马分行的Pentas Flora 扶桑车队,提供广泛的售后支援和汽车养护。

Vista Wheels销售主管卜林群表示:“物流业客户需要在压力下仍安全、耐用及性能佳的车子。安心是客户的要求,我们很自豪能够与马赛地马来西亚商用车一起为Pentas Flora提供高品质的产品和服务。”

“作为废油运输和一站式废物管理供应商,我们的卡车必须保持在最佳状态。我们的车队需要拥有一致性和可靠的售后服务,更重要的是最低的停机时间。我们的公司正在积极增长, 我们很自然地期待马赛地马来西亚商用为我们提供所需要的服务,扩展我们的扶桑车队。” Pentas Flora运营总裁吴有全表示。

Pentas Flora成立于2008年,主要业务是提供废物管理、引擎回收及其他矿物油的集成解决方案。附属于EXSIM集团公司旗下的Pentas Flora正在积极扩充,计划在今年于纳闽岛(Labuan)开设第12家工厂。截至目前为止, 扶桑占了该公司由61辆商用车组成车队的90%。Pentas Flora计划在今年底进一步扩充其车队。


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