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UD Trucks Showcases ‘The Best Trucks for All Drivers’ at Tokyo Motor Show

UD Trucks Tokyo Motor Show

At the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, UD Trucks impressed visitors with an array of products, including the flagship all-new Quan and Quester heavy trucks as well as an 8-litre downsized engine.

Tokyo Motor Show: UD Trucks Presents ‘The Finest Trucks for Every Driver

UD Trucks is aiming to provide ‘The Best Trucks for All Drivers’. At this show, we focus on the comfortability and useability of Quan and the smart driveability. Thus, the booth is designed with many contents to reflect these features,” said Kenneth Hagas, Vice President, UD Brand and Marketing Communication, UD Truck Brand, Communication and Public Management.

He pointed out that from the stage show that represented the company’s ambition, ‘Provide the Best Truck for All Drivers’, visitors got to know them better. “This reflects the extra mile that we have been going in supporting our customers’ business through products and services that the world needs at the time. In 2004, UD Trucks launched the heavy-duty truck Quon, featuring a revolutionary urea SCR system that answered the dual need for better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. In 2010, UD Trucks introduced the cutting-edge electronically controlled automatic transmission, ESCOT-V, marking a drastic improvement in driveability, safety and fuel efficiency.”

Today, the company offers a full range for the growing global market. It has 6 models; Quan heavy duty, Condor medium duty and Kazet light truck for its home market, Japan. Outside Japan, there are the Quester heavy duty and Croner medium duty trucks for growing markets including Malaysia, while the Kuzer light truck was launched in August in Indonesia.

All-new heavy-duty Quan

In this year’s motor show, the spotlight was on the launch of the all-new Quan semi-tractor model for the Japanese market, which meets the local latest exhaust gas regulation. “The fuel efficient, powerful and clean GH11 engine is now available with the 460ps model. We believe this product will address the challenges facing Japan’s trucking industry, such as a shortage of drivers, the need for improved fuel efficiency and smarter logistics.”

Also on display were the Quan 6×2 Cargo model with a special exterior design that was created especially for the show, Quan 6×4 dump truck equipped with automated manual transmission and the ESCOT-V1 for smooth and quick gearshifts to alleviate driver stress and fatigue, and contribute to safe driving.

For the Malaysian media and customers invited by UD Trucks and its Malaysian sole distributor Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), it was a delight to see the Quester 6×4 semi-tractor in the show. This strong, reliable and fuel efficient heavy-duty truck had its range extended in 2015, with models including an 8-litre engine option and various axle arrangements.

“Variation, durability and fuel efficiency are the three main features of Quester. It is built specially for growing global markets and is currently available in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, South Africa and the Middle East. Recently, we expanded it to Latin America,” Hegas added.

Welcoming, interactive and informative

To allow visitors to experience the interior ambience of Quan, UD Trucks showcased three cabins with different colours and interior designs. Each colour has its own theme. A stylish, modern and red interior cabin reflects the activeness of a young driver, while the white, ivory coloured seats and sophisticated design are for a female driver. The third cabin features a calm and serene black for the veteran long haul driver.

“We wanted to create a welcoming and interactive atmosphere for visitors. Besides experiencing the different cabins, visitors can also take part in the Quan virtual test drive. By getting into our truck that is equipped with two cameras, they can become a driver and make their original test drive footage. When the drive is over, they are able to download the footage online and share on social media. Another interesting attraction that visitors can look to in the interior of Quan is to visually understand its features such as the ESCOT and instrumental panel through the augmented reality goggles. Also available is a simple game that tests the visitors’ driving skills.”

An effort by the company worth mentioning was that the children were not left out. Instead, it gave the children an opportunity to put on the UD mechanic uniform and have a picture taken in front of the exhibits. Through this activity, the company hopes to project a positive image of auto mechanics, changing the old stigma that auto mechanics are ‘grease monkeys’, sweaty with blackened fingernails, drooping overalls and oily rags hanging out of their rear pockets.

“We want to attract today’s generation to trucking. The message that we would like to send through this exhibition is that trucking has changed tremendously. It is not what it used to be ages ago. It can be a career, not only an occupation, with good prospects and benefits. Today’s driver is not just a driver; with relevant training, skills and knowledge, they are also engineers, logistics experts and mechanics,” he explained.

Besides the display of the all-new Quan clean GH11 engine, which the company claimed had increased horsepower and torque, it was the world premiere of its 8-litre downsized GH8 engine. This engine would be available in 2018 for all Quan models to further improve payload and fuel efficiency.

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