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UD Trucks Introduces Disaster Relief Trucks in Ageo, Japan

UD Trucks Disaster Relief Trucks

UD Trucks has developed two disaster relief trucks to support Ageo City disaster relief programs.

UD Disaster Trucks Provide Assurance and Privacy in Times of Need

The trucks will provide humanitarian assistance for residents of the city in the event of a natural disaster. Such programs are part of the company’s Better Life purpose, to make life better for people and the planet.

UD Trucks began discussions on how the company could support disaster relief with local community leaders following a powerful typhoon in 2019. The typhoon led to flooding on the banks of the Arakawa River, resulting in the evacuation of nearly 1,000 residents in Ageo City. UD Trucks held workshops on how its products and resources could provide relief for disaster victims. This resulted in the commitment to build two customised trucks for disaster relief purposes.

UD Trucks developed two different trucks.

The first is a light-duty truck designed to support evacuation centres and disaster sites. The vehicle is equipped with an air conditioner, refrigerator, kitchen sink, recharging cabinet, and AED equipment. In addition, the truck has two private rooms that can be used for nursing infants and for providing physical care for the disabled and elderly – all in a private and secure environment.

The truck is also equipped with a solar power generation system, diesel generator, and lithium-ion storage battery. This allows the truck to be a power source and lifeline in the field. It also provides mobile phone recharging services.

The second is a flat-body light-duty truck, which will be used mainly to transport materials and essential goods to the disaster site. It is also equipped with a tailgate lifter and a winch for loading heavy items.

Going forward, UD Trucks will work with Ageo City and other related organisations to determine when and where to dispatch the vehicles.

The first stage of the disaster relief program is for UD Trucks to operate the trucks within Ageo City to assess their effectiveness. The company will explore the possibility of expanding the use of the trucks to other areas in the future.

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