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Sichuan Zhong Yi Tong Sheng Showcases FAW Jiefang J6F

Sichuan Zhong FAW Jiefang

Powered by a Cummins ISF 3.8L engine and 8-speed Fast Gear transmission, the J6F is  equipped with new wide cabin and leather seats.

The New FAW Jiefang J6F  – Suitable for Long-Haul Logistics

Taking centre stage at the Sichuan Zhong Yi Tong Sheng’s booth at CAPAS 2019 was the FAW Jiefang’s light truckJ6F. Sichuan Zhong Yi Tong Sheng General Manager Zeng Sheng Hai and FAW Jeifang Qingdao Automobile Co, Ltd Sales Manager Sun Yu were present during the show to answer all the enquiries.

“The J6F is powered by a Cummins ISF 3.8L engine and 8-speed Fast Gear transmission, and equipped with new wide cabin and leather seats. It is suitable for long haul logistics. It could go up to 20,000km between oil changes, one of the longest in the segment,” said Sun.

It was reported that FAW Jiefang Automotive Co, Ltd, a truck subsidiary of the FAW Group, sold a record of 205,000 trucks in the first few months of 2019. This includes sales of heavy trucks reaching 176,000 in the first half of this year, 7,000 more than the same period in the previous year. Jiefang took 24.3-per cent market share of heavy truck sales in China, 4.1 per cent higher than last year.

According to Sun, FAW Jiefang is one of the leading brands in China. The company has been very strong in the heavy truck segment since its establishment, with medium and heavy trucks contributing about 35 per cent of its overall sales.

“Since FAW Jiefang ventured into the light truck segment in 2016, its sales volume was ranked number 1 in the segment for 3 years consecutively. FAW Jeifang is very aggressive the company approaches the segment by introducing light trucks such as J6F and Tiger V, which are capable of handling heavy loads, efficient, comfortable and economical. We have come out with different models and variants to cater for the different logistics needs, covering the inter-city and long haul segments,” he added.

The Tiger VR light truck, which he revealed would soon be released during the show, was launched recently. It has a 1,475mm wheelbase and 1,760mm wide frame, ideal for wide containers. The width of the inner container is 1,850mm, with an option to install a 1,910mm container. The bigger loading capacity is complemented by good drive and cornering stability.

Founded in 1953 and headquartered in the northeastern province of Jilin, the State-owned FAW Group is known as the cradle of China’s automotive industry.

Since the first Jiefang truck rolled off the line in 1956, the brand has expanded its presence to 80 countries and regions.

四川中易同胜展示一汽 解放J6F


“J6F搭载康明斯ISF 3.8升引擎,法士特高低档8档变速箱,宽大的驾驶室和皮革座椅。它适合用于长途物流,换油周期间隔升级到20,000公里,是同级卡车中拥有最长换油间隔的卡车之一。”他说。

据消息指出,一汽集团旗下的一汽解放汽车有限公司,在2019年前几个月的销售量创下新高达205,000辆。这包含今年前半年的重卡176,000辆,比去年同期多了7,000辆。解放占了中国重卡市场份额的24.3%,比去年高了4.1% 。



他在展会中所提及的虎VR轻卡也已经在不久前正式发布面市。它采用了1,475 mm轮距和1,760mm宽车架,适合装卸宽货箱。货箱内宽为1,850mm,可选装1,910mm,容积更大的货箱,容积更大,拉货更多。此外,它行驶稳定,转向更平稳。



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