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FAW JH6: A Truck With Well-Proportioned Options – Technology & Soul

FAW JH6 Truck Technology Soul

The JH6 features a very powerful 12.5-litre FAW engine that delivers 460hp and is coupled to a smooth and fuel-economical 16-speed ZF gearbox.

FAW Launches New JH6

Commercial truck brands from China have come a long way since they first entered the Malaysian market some years ago, and their technology has improved by leaps and bounds.

NBG Industries Sdn Bhd Chief Operating Officer Eugene Chooi’s career had revolved around European branded trucks in the past, but he has enthusiastically embraced the growing demand for reliable, cost efficient Chinese trucks.

NBG Industries is the distributor for FAW commercial vehicles in Malaysia. China FAW Group Co Ltd is the oldest and largest passenger car, bus, coach and commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world’s second largest economy.

Set up in 1953 and headquartered in Changchun city, Jilin province, FAW is a household name in China. The acronym FAW stands for First Automotive Works.

China brands are rapidly becoming more acceptable and powerful,” said Chooi who pointed out that business dynamics were changing fast and the transportation of goods was becoming more costly.

“Businesses need to be more competitive. Trucks that work well and don’t cost an arm and a leg are in high demand, and we could see that customers are already changing their mind-set in their truck investments,” said Chooi.

He noted that logistics companies were concerned about being cost efficient and maximising the output of their businesses with reduced investments or expenditure. “Professionalism and efficiency are the key factors for logistics companies due to the precise production and shortage of drivers, while payload, speed, reliability, humanisation and efficiency are the key factors for trucks.”

NBG Industries has moved its 3S (sales, service and spare-parts) centre to Kampung Baru Subang, Seksyen U6, Shah Alam to be strategically more accessible and better serve its customers.

NBG offers trucks ranging from 7.5 tonnes GVW to above 70 tonnes GCW. The models available are multi-cargo rigid trucks, prime movers, mixers and tipper chassis.

The company also recently brought in the new FAW JH6, a heavy duty 6×4 prime mover with European styling and design concept.

The JH6 features a very powerful 12.5-litre FAW engine that delivers 460hp and is coupled to a smooth and fuel-economical 16-speed ZF gearbox.

“We are not offering a too high-end product. This is a well-tested and proven truck, with well-proportioned options and technology – a truck that could simply do the job,” said Chooi.

一汽 JH6


自中国商用卡车品牌第一次进入马来西亚市场以来,已经走过了一段不短的路程,技术方面也有了跨越性的发展。虽然NGB工业有限公司首席营运执行员Eugene Chooi过去 的职业主要以欧洲品牌卡车为中心,但他却对成本效益高,需求日益增长的中国卡车产生踊跃的兴趣。

NBG 工业是马来西亚一汽商用车的经销商。中国第一汽车集团有限公司是世界第二大经济体中历史悠久、规模最大的轿车、巴士、长途旅行巴士和商用车制造商。

成立于1953年,总部位于吉林省长春市的第一汽车集团,在中国家喻户晓。FAW的字母缩写代表为 “First Automotive Works”(第一汽车工厂)。



他指出,物流公司最担心的是成本效益,因此会将商业产能最大化和减低投资或开销成本。 “专业和效率是物流公司的关键指标,物流业面对司机不足的隐忧,必须从有效载荷、速度、可信度、人力效率这些主要关键下手,以提高卡车的表现。”

NBG 工业已将其3S中心(销售、服务和配件)迁搬到沙亚南梳邦新村U6 区,以便更好地为客户服务。

NBG拥有车全重 7.5吨W到70吨以上的卡车,所有的型号属于多货运刚性卡车、牵引车、搅拌机和自卸车底盘卡车。



“我们不会提供太高端的产品。这是一辆经过充分测试和验证的卡车,是一辆能简单完成工作,配有均衡选择和技术的卡车。 ”他说。

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