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Shell Rimula Foresees Growth in Premium Heavy-Duty Lubricant Segment 

Shell Rimula Lubricant
Shell Rimula Lubricant

Shell Malaysia attributed the past year’s success of its Shell Rimula brand of heavy-duty diesel engine oil (HDDEO) in Malaysia to long-time business partnerships.

Shell Malaysia Hosts Rimula Gala Dinner

Speaking to about 300 guests at the 2023 edition of Rimula Gala Dinner in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah recently, Shell Lubricants General Manager for Malaysia and Singapore Nyon Kam Yew expressed gratitude to the company’s well-established network of loyal distributors and end-users.

“We are thankful for their resilience and unwavering support that have contributed to Shell Rimula remaining the best-selling HDDEO in Malaysia year after year. Together, our collaborations have endured despite the challenging global and local business environment,” he acknowledged.

As the world’s leading lubricant supplier for 16 consecutive years, Shell anticipates growth opportunities in the premium synthetic HDDEO segment, driven by the increasing demand in the transport industry for solutions that enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions….

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Shell Rimula看好优质重型引擎润滑油增长

大马蚬壳将旗下大马重型柴油引擎润滑油(HDDEO)品牌Shell Rimula这些年来的成功,归功于长久合作的商务伙伴。

蚬壳润滑油(Shell Lubricants)大马及新加坡总经理阮锦耀日前在沙巴亚庇举行的2023年Shell Rimula晚宴上对约270名来宾致词时,向组织完善的忠实分销商与终端使用者致敬。

他说:“我们感谢他们坚韧不拔的精神和坚定不移的支持,是他们让Shell Rimula年复一年成为大马销量最佳的重型柴油引擎机油品牌。在大家同心协力下,我们势不可挡,虽然全球和国内的经营环境挑战重重,我们的合作关系都经得起时间的考验。”



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