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Sendok Group Opens New Kuantan 4S Centre with Launch of Sinotruk ‘T Series’ Heavy-Duty Truck

Sendok Group, the official Malaysian distributor of the Sinotruk commercial vehicles launched its brand new 4S centre in Kuantan recently.

Sinotruk 1st East Coast 4S Centre

Sendok Group, the Malaysia-based multi-faceted business conglomerate with its principal business in the import-export and trading of used automobile spare-parts, trucks, heavy machinery and equipment, and also the official distributor of the Sinotruk brand of commercial vehicles in Malaysia, held the opening launch of its brand new 4S centre in Kuantan recently. The centre is a collaboration between Sendok Group as the distributor and assembler in Malaysia and TTS Engineering Group Sdn Bhd, a well-established truck solutions provider in Kuantan. 

The launch was officiated by guest-of-honour Puan Fuziah Salleh, Member of Parliament (Kuantan) and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister Department, accompanied by Gwee Bok Wee, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Sendok Group, Yuan Zhong Bo, Director and General Manager for Southeast Asia and Oceania, Sinotruk International Ltd, and Dato’ Yap Yeow Ho, Group Chairman, TTS Engineering Group

The 4S centre, located along Jalan Gambang, would serve as the service anchor point for customers in the east coast region. The centre would provide sales, service, spare-parts and body and paint services to Sinotruk’s heavy-duty commercial vehicle customers and CAM’s light-duty commercial vehicle customers. The CAM brand is the marketing arm of Sendok Group’s light-duty commercial vehicles.

According to Sendok Group, it has taken the company six months and a total investment of RM2 million to complete the centre – which occupies a total workshop area of 7,000 square feet, supported by a 4,200 square feet warehouse for spare-parts. 

In conjunction with the opening, the new Sinotruk ‘T Series’ heavy-duty trucks, comprising the T7H and T5G with 540 and 430 horsepower, were officially introduced. 

In addition, the event was also marked by the handing over of 100 units of Sinotruk heavy-duty trucks to two Kuantan-based customers, of which 50 units of the T7H model were purchased by Heng Da Logistic Sdn Bhd and 50 units of the SWZ tipper model were bought by Menta Construction Sdn Bhd

Gwee said: “The opening of our new 4S centre reflects Sendok Group’s strategy to expand our business in the east coast region and consistently provide reliable services to our customers. 

“The east coast economic region (ECER) covers a huge area of development. Currently on-going are several projects under the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park development integrating industrial, commercial and residential projects. As such, we foresee a steady growth in the demand for quality commercial vehicles, especially prime movers. 

“In fact, two of our customers in Kuantan had just recently ordered a fleet of 100 trucks in total. This confidence and trust our customers have given us is truly a great start to the New Year. Undoubtedly, our new 4S centre would be of great benefit to them as a one-stop hub for comprehensive sales and aftermarket services. 

Sendok Group is very honoured to be working with strong partners such as Sinotruk as our principal and TTS Engineering Group, which we have collaborated with on this 4S centre and is a reputable and trusted truck solutions provider here. I am confident that together, we would further achieve future growth and provide higher customer satisfaction,” added Gwee. 

The new centre has 12 bays for truck maintenance work, in which eight bays are for light-duty trucks and 4 bays for heavy-duty trucks. A mobile unit for on-site servicing is also stationed at the centre for fast truck maintenance and spare-parts delivery to customers. Other facilities include a special truck and trailer wheel alignment machine imported from Sweden, which could do full truck alignment without needing to decouple the trailer. 

Yuan said: “The new Sinotruk T series heavy-duty truck is equipped with exceptionally powerful engines capable of providing high torque and performance, high uptime and long operating cycle without major overhaul, superb fuel efficiency and great safety features. 

“The introduction of this new model represents an important milestone for our business and we are highly confident that this truck could truly be the game-changer for our customers who are looking to boost their business efficiency and profitability,” added Yuan. 

With this Kuantan centre opened, Sendok Group now has five 4S centres in its stable of 50 dealerships and service centres in Malaysia, and has plans to increase that number.





马来西亚多元化业务企业信诺集团(Sendok Group)位于关丹的4S销售服务中心近日正式开业。信诺集团业务包括进出口二手汽车零件、卡车、重型机械设备,它也是中国重汽(Sinotruk)商用车在马来西亚的授权经销商。这家销售服务中心是信诺集团作为马来西亚的经销商和组装厂商及关丹知名卡车解决方案供应商TTS Engineering集团私人有限公司的合作成果。 

出席这项开幕仪式的贵宾包括首相署副部长(宗教事务)兼关丹国会议员傅芝雅、信诺集团董事经理兼首席执行员魏木维、中国重汽东南亚及澳洲部总代表袁中波以及TTS Engineering集团主席拿督Yap Yeow Ho。 



中国重汽T7H 重卡540马力牵引车在开幕仪式中正式亮相。此外,该公司也同时推出全新的“T系列”保修方案,涵盖无限里程保修长达5年。 

另一方面,公司也在开幕仪式中移交100辆中国重汽重卡给两位关丹的客户。物流公司Heng Da Logistic (马)私人有限公司和Menta Construction 私人有限公司分别购买了50辆T7H重卡及50辆SWZ 自卸车。 


“东海岸经济特区(ECER)的覆盖面很广。目前,正在如火如荼开展的数项发展计划是涵盖工业、商业和住宅区的中马钦州产业园综合发展项目。 因此,我们预料优质商用车尤其是牵引车的需求将稳健增长。 ” 


魏木维续称:“信诺集团很荣幸能与强大的伙伴合作,例如主要伙伴中国重汽以及4S销售服务中心伙伴TTS Engineering集团。TTS Engineering是当地声誉良好及备受信赖的卡车解决方案供应商。我有信心,我们会更上一层楼,让客户享有更高的满意度。” 

全新的销售服务中心共有12个卡车维修间,8个用于维修轻卡,4个则用于维修重卡。该中心还备有一个提供现场维修服务的流动小组,给予客户快速卡车维修及递送零件的服务。 其他设备还包括一台从瑞典进口的卡车和拖格车车轮校准专用机器,它可以在无须分离拖格车的情况下进行完整卡车校准。 

中国重汽东南亚及澳洲部总代表袁中波说:“中国重汽T7H 重卡540马力牵引车搭载无以伦比的超强引擎,卡车表现卓越,高转矩,运行时间和周期长,而且无须大规模检修。这辆卡车超省油,安全功能也很出色。” 







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