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Scania Malaysia Names Thor Brenden as New Service Director

Scania Malaysia Service Director

Scania Malaysia has appointed Thor Brenden as its new Service Director, effective from 1st July, 2017. Brenden, 48, hails from a small village in the Norwegian mountains, just outside Lillehammer. He holds a Master of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

New Service Director Named by Scania Malaysia: Thor Brenden

He has served in various roles at Scania since 1996. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he was involved in engine development, parts information, repair and maintenance methods, powertrain R&D as well as being Head of Workshop Operations development. Prior to this new position, he was Parts Manager of the Swedish business unit, ‘Scania-Bilar Serige’.

Brenden expressed his excitement in coming to this region in an exclusive interview with Truck & Bus News. “As the company’s Service Director for Southeast Asia, I am really excited and my immediate focus will be to continue the good work that our team has started. This region has a mix of developed, underdeveloped and developing markets that are full of opportunities and potential. We are confident in helping our customers in the region to increase their profitability in a sustainable way.”

He stressed the importance of continual communication. “We need to help our customers realise the value of owning a Scania. It is the best machine in the world and we are here to provide them sustainable solutions by assisting them in keeping the vehicle in perfect shape that would generate profit. This includes maintenance and repair services, genuine parts, driver training and coaching, fleet management system and assistance.”

To further convince us, he showed us an internal test that Scania did on its brakes pads. “Of course, how long your brake pads last and how well they function depend on where and how you drive. However, this test shows that our brake pads last two to three times longer compared to OEM parts. Furthermore, Scania brake pads are carefully tuned to Scania brake discs. It is a combination that optimises brake functions and reliability, giving you long-lasting safety on the road. When you fit the parts in an approved Scania workshop, you would have peace of mind as they come with warranty. In short, we provide the highest quality parts that would help you save in the long run, a value for money.”

As to the network development plan, he said currently Scania had a mobile workshop in Gua Musang. The company was looking at the west and east coasts of Malaysia to fill the gap when there was a demand.

“We are upgrading our Port Klang branch. As for East Malaysia, Scania has a branch in Bintulu and a mobile workshop in Kuching, both in Sarawak, a branch outlet in Kota Kinabalu and a mobile workshop in Sandakan, Sabah. We are reviewing our plans in East Malaysia,” he added.

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