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Scania Launches the Super 7 Promotion

Scania Super 7 Promotion

Scania has launched the Super 7 Promotion recently.

Scania Super 7 Offers Flexible Fanancing and Insurance Solutions

Scania Malaysia has done it again with this Super 7 offering, being the first Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicle manufacturer in Malaysia to package a combination of seven years Instalment Plan with seven years Maintenance Contract that will lock-in profits for seven years on a Scania truck purchased. The promotional period will end on 31st December 2022.

With the Super 7, the Scania Instalment Plan, provides customers with 7 years of flexible financing and insurance solutions tailored to give customers predictable costs and manageable risks. Being a global company, Scania embraces local business needs to ensure the subscribed solutions suit each and every signed-up customer. Scania will work closely with each customer and adopt our transport solutions offering to suit our customers need and address their business concerns, from funding cost optimisation to cash flow management by setting up the best financial plan for every customer’s business. And when one of Scania’s customer vehicles is off the road, the insurance offer will turn downtime into uptime.

As for the maintenance part, the Super 7 gives a contractual fixed cost for 7 years enabling customers to plan other aspects of their operational cost and not worry about any increase in the maintenance costs for 7 years. The fixed cost covers maintenance by professional trained technicians, using the right parts/kits, tools and methods and the optimal scheduling for customers’ vehicles to be in the workshop. This will ensure maximum uptime for customers’ vehicles to be on the road.

Customers enjoy even more savings when they upgrade from existing complimentary two or five-years inclusive maintenance that are packaged with any new Scania truck purchase (depending on variants), to the Super 7. The fixed cost is evenly spread over the duration of the seven years to give customers predictable cost from day one, hence resulting in long-term profitability and savings.

“Here at Scania, we work closely with our customers, understand their business and listen to their input.  We use this to tailor our solution offerings to address their business needs and help them grow their business and profitability. With the introduction of the Super 7 we help them secure their profit and long-term sustainability,” stated Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

To lock-in 7 years of profit now with a purchase of any Scania truck
from now till 31st December 2022,  email at, visit or visit the nearest Scania Malaysia Sales and Services Centre and talk to their Total Solutions Executives. Terms and conditions apply.

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