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Scania Launches Super 7 Promotion

Scania Super 7 Promotion

Scania Malaysia recently launched the Super 7 Promotion.

Scania Super 7 Provides Customers with Predictable Costs & Manageable Risks

The company has done it again with this Super 7 offering, being the first heavy-duty commercial vehicle manufacturer in Malaysia to package a combination of seven years instalment plan with seven years maintenance contract that would lock in profits for seven years on a Scania truck that is purchased. The promotional period ends on 31st December, 2022.

With the Super 7, the Scania Instalment Plan provides customers with seven years of flexible financing and insurance solutions tailored to give customers predictable costs and manageable risks. Being a global company, Scania says it embraces local business needs to ensure the subscribed solutions suit each and every customer who signs up. Scania adds that it would work closely with each customer and adopt local transport solutions to suit customer needs and address their business concerns; from funding cost optimisation to cash flow management by setting up the best financial plan for every customer’s business. And when one of Scania’s customer vehicles is off the road, the insurance plan would turn downtime into uptime.

As for the maintenance part, the Super 7 provides a contractual fixed cost for seven years, enabling customers to plan other aspects of their operational cost and not worry about any increase in maintenance costs for seven years. The fixed cost covers maintenance by professionally trained technicians using the right part/kit, tools and methods and the optimal scheduling for customers’ vehicles to be in the workshop. This is said to ensure maximum uptime for customers’ vehicles to be on the road.

Customers enjoy even more savings when they upgrade from the existing complimentary two or five-years inclusive maintenance that is packaged with any new Scania truck purchase (depending on variants) to the Super 7. The fixed cost is evenly spread over the seven-year duration to give customers predictable cost from day one, hence resulting in long-term profitability and savings.

“Here at Scania, we work closely with our customers, understand their business and listen to their input. We use this to tailor our solution offerings to address their business needs and help them grow their business and profitability. With the introduction of the Super 7 we help them secure their profit and long-term sustainability,” stated Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

To lock in seven years of profit with a purchase of any Scania truck
from now till 31st December, 2022, email, visit or visit the nearest Scania Malaysia Sales and Services Centre and talk to its Total Solutions Executives. Scania says terms and conditions apply.

斯堪尼亚推出 Super 7 促销活动

斯堪尼亚马来西亚近期推出了 Super 7 促销活动。该公司再次推出 Super 7 产品,成为马来西亚第一家将七年分期付款计划和七年维护合同相结合的重型商用车制造商。通过这个于2022 年 12 月 31 日结束的促销活动,购买斯堪尼亚卡车的客户就能将七年的利润锁定下来。

在Super 7的促销活动下,斯堪尼亚的分期付款计划为客户提供七年灵活的融资和保险解决方案,为客户提供可预测的成本和可管理的风险。作为一家全球性公司,斯堪尼亚表示,它满足本地的业务需求,以确保订购的解决方案适合每一位注册客户。斯堪尼亚补充说,它将与每位客户密切合作,并采用本地的运输解决方案来满足客户的需求和解决他们的业务问题,通过为每位客户的业务制定最佳财务计划,从优化融资成本到现金流管理。该保险计划会在其中一辆斯堪尼亚客户的车子坏时,将停机时间转化为正常运行时间。

至于维修部分,Super 7提供7年的合同固定成本,方便客户规划运营成本的其他方面,不必担心维修成本在7年里会有所增加。固定成本包括由经过专业培训的技术人员使用正确的零件/套件、工具和方法进行维护,以及制定客户车辆进入车间的最优调度。据悉,这是为了确保客户车辆的最高出勤率。

购买斯堪尼亚新卡车(取决于车款)的客户都可选择将附带的两年或五年免费维护服务升级到 Super 7 ,以获取更多节省。在七年期限内平均分摊的固定成本从一开始就能为客户提供可预测的成本,从而实现长期盈利和节省。

斯堪尼亚东南亚董事经理赫芭(Heba El Tarifi) 表示:“在斯堪尼亚,我们与客户密切合作,了解他们的业务并听取他们的意见。我们采用这些意见来打造我们的解决方案,以满足客户的业务需求并帮助他们发展业务和盈利能力。Super7 的推出,让我们得以协助客户确保他们的利润和长期可持续性。”

从即日起至 2022 年 12 月 31 日,只要购买任何一辆斯堪尼亚卡车就可锁定七年的利润。发送电子邮件至,访问 或前往最邻近的马来西亚斯堪尼亚销售和服务中心,与其整体解决方案主管交谈。斯堪尼亚表示,必须符合有关的条款和条件。

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