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Scania Ecolution Agreement Helps Mun Loon Reduce Carbon Footprint

Scania Ecolution Agreement Mun Loon

Mun Loon signed the Scania Ecolution agreement and joined the ranks of sustainable partners to reduce their carbon footprint.

Mun Loon Joins Scania’s Ranks oof Sustainable Partners

Scania signed the Ecolution Agreement for three Scania G360 A4x2NA with seven years of Repair and Maintenance and Hire Purchase that was delivered to Mun Loon Paper Converting Sdn Bhd.

The signing was held at Mun Loon’s printing facility between Thor Brenden, Solution Services Director, Scania Southeast Asia, and Loh Ka Hoong, Executive Director of Mun Loon. With this agreement, Mun Loon joins the ranks of sustainable partners who are taking a step further to reduce their carbon footprint towards a greener future for the environment.

The Fleet Management System Control 10 with the Scania Ecolution partnership gives Mun Loon a lot more information and insights. From core necessities like real time positioning of the Scania G360 via vehicle performance, environmental reports, service planning and defect reporting all the way to driver evaluation that would help Mun Loon quickly identify potential vehicle usage improvements such as reduced wear and tear caused by harsh braking, idling time and speeding while increasing coasting resulting in the ultimate reduction of fuel consumption and reduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide)…..

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斯堪尼亚 Ecolution协议帮助Mun Loon 减少碳足迹

斯堪尼亚签署了三辆斯堪尼亚 G360 A4x2NA卡车的 Ecolution协议,其中包括七年的维修保养和融资服务,并将卡车交付给Mun Loon Paper Converting 私人有限公司。

斯堪尼亚东南亚解决方案服务总监布伦登(Thor Brenden)和 Mun Loon 执行董事 Loh Ka Hoong在Mun Loon印刷厂举行了签字仪式。通过这项协议,Mun Loon 加入了可持续发展合作伙伴的行列,他们正在进一步减少碳足迹,以实现更绿色的未来。

车队管理系统监控10与斯堪尼亚Ecolution合作伙伴关系为Mun Loon 提供了更多的信息。从斯堪尼亚 G360车辆性能、环境报告、服务规划、瑕疵报告、驶员评估到实时定位等核心功能,将帮助Mun Loon快速识别潜在的车辆使用改进,例如减少因急刹车造成的磨损,怠速时间和超速,同时提高滑行,最终减少燃料消耗和二氧化碳排放……


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