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TTK to Reduce Carbon Footprint with 10 New Truck Generation on Scania Ecolution

TTK Truck Generation Scania Ecolution

Teo Tuan Kwee Sdn Bhd signed the Scania Ecolution partnership to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide through the lowering of fuel consumption.  

Scania Ecolution for Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Friendly

Teo Tuan Kwee Sdn Bhd (TTK) Director, Teo Chee Ben signed the Scania Ecolution partnership agreement for 10 of its New Truck Generation prime movers at its branch office recently.

Scania Ecolution is a partnership between Scania and customers with the aim to reduce carbon footprint via total solutions. The aim is to reduce the emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) through the lowering of fuel consumption, thus lowering the costs of operation. To achieve the aim, driver and vehicle performances are tracked via Scania Fleet Management Control 10 Package, analysed and discussed between TTK and Scania periodically in order to implement the right solutions.

“We are pleased that the Scania Ecolution way of working initiated by Scania for its customers is going to help us save more fuel by raising the standards of our drivers. And more importantly, after all these years we are finally doing something about reducing our CO2 emission and doing our bit to reduce climate change,” said Ben.

“We have been using Scania trucks since 2000 and impressed by its performance, especially the fuel savings, started buying even more since 2012 and to date we have a strong fleet of 100 Scania trucks that was purchased from Scania Malaysia,” said Ben.

After two decades of using Scania trucks, TTK welcomes the introduction of the Scania New Truck Generation due to its design features such as the advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions that delivers a minimum of 3 per cent fuel savings.

Other key features of TTK’s NTGs include new design and frontal shape and chassis for improved dynamics; maintenance based on operation to increase uptime and profitability; enhanced driver’s seat adjustment, close to the door; extended storage; new infotainment system with 7” touch screen.

The large windscreen with extended view makes it easy for the TTK’s drivers to operate comfortably and safely. The Electronic Braking System (EBS), the Opticruise and in-built Speed Limiter, makes the Scania prime mover one of the safest in the world. All these technologically advanced features keep the prime movers running with maximum uptime.

As an option, the roll-over curtain side airbags, and the retarder are also available as an added safety feature.

TTK (formerly known as Syarikat Perniagaan dan Perwakilan Pengangkutan Teo) was established in 1992 by the founder Teo Tuan Kwee, who started the road tanker transport service business starting from 1978 till present day. With a present fleet of 320 trucks and the majority of them being Scania trucks, TTK is now helmed by eldest son Teo Chee Ben and operationally assisted by Ben’s elder sister, Teo Siew Bee, and two younger brothers Teo Chee How and Teo Chee Siong.

TTK specialises in transportation tankers for palm oil, bonded lorry tankers licensed to/from bonded warehouses, road cargo transportation services, container haulage, cargo stuffing professionals, warehouse distribution and storage, handling customs clearance documentation for road, air and sea freights, 20ft and 40 ft container shipping worldwide, fumigation services and short and long-term rental of empty oil tanks.

Maintaining its head office and a depot in Batu Pahat, TTK has a branch office and two depots in Masai, and another depot in Pasir Gudang.

“After years of research and development, Scania has outdone itself yet again by the introduction of the Scania New Truck Generation and with the Scania Ecolution partnership, TTK will be able to stay ahead in their business with increased profitability while caring for the environment as well,” Anders Liss, Regional Manager – Region South and Country Manager – Singapore.

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