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Prometeon Debut Innovative New 325/90 R 24.5 Tyre Size at IAA

Prometeon Tyre IAA

At this year’s IAA Transportation 2022 show, Prometeon Tyre Group unveiled a new innovative 325/90 R24.5 tyre size under its Pirelli-branded Serie 02 range.

Prometeon New Tyre for Easier Assembly and Dismantling

Developed in collaboration with wheel manufacturer Accuride wheelsPrometeon is the first tyre manufacturer to propose this new size of tyre.

Meanwhile, rim manufacturer Accuride Wheels has produced a specially designed wheel to support the new tyre size. A new monoblock 24.5×9.00 wheel has been created which replaces the current 24×8.5 (one-piece) tubeless wheel (TL) and the 8.5-24 (multi-piece) wheel, which are significantly heavier for tube-tyre (TT).

Prometeon has developed the new tyre for easier assembly and dismantling, and improved safety during operations.  In addition, the new tyre has a greater load capacity (up to 5 tonnes per tyre) that ensures a broader application spectrum.

The new 325/90 R24.5 TL offers an alternative to 325/95 R24 and 12.00 R24 sizes on a new rim type specially developed by Accuride. This tyre/wheel rim combination becomes up to 957 kilograms lighter when shifting from a TT to a TL rim on vehicles typically used in Middle Eastern countries, where this size is the most common.

All this was made possible by adopting the state-of-the-art technology available on the entire Pirelli Serie 02 range, to offer a sustainable product that optimises operating costs.

The performance of the new tyre offers greater strength and durability, higher mileage and a lower rolling resistance. The new rims are fully compatible with tyre pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS), which will be standard in the future.

Prometeon携创新的325/90 R 24.5 轮胎尺寸


在2022年IAA运输展上,Prometeon 轮胎集团展示了其倍耐力品牌 Serie 02 系列下的一个全新的创新轮胎尺寸– 325/90 R24.5。与轮辋制造商Accuride Wheels合作开发,Prometeon是第一家提议这种新轮胎尺寸的轮胎制造商。

轮辋制造商Accuride Wheels生产了一种经过特别设计的轮辋来支持这个全新的轮胎尺寸。它创造了一种全新的整体式24.5×9.00轮辋,取代当前的24×8.5(一体式)无内胎轮辋(TL)和 8.5-24(多件式)轮辋,它们对于有内胎轮胎(TT)来说要重得多。


新的325/90 R24.5 TL在Accuride专门开发的新轮辋类型上提供了325/95 R24 和 12.00 R24尺寸的替代方案。在从TT轮辋转换为TL轮辋,这个通常在中东国家使用,并且是最常见的尺寸时,该款轮胎/轮辋组合可减轻多达 957 公斤。

所有的这一切都是通过倍耐力Serie 02系列中的最先进技术来实现的,透过一个可持续的产品,优化运营成本。


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