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Quality Trailer Parts Introduces Seetron TP2 TPMS

Quality Trailer Seetron TP2 TPMS

Quality Trailer Parts Sdn Bhd, a member of YonMing Group, introduced the Seetron TP2 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for trucks, trailers and buses at the recent Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo (MCVE) 2017.

Seetron TP2 TPMS Introduced by Quality Trailer Parts

“We often see thousands of truck tyre debris along roadways. Proper tyre maintenance is of utmost importance for vehicle safety, especially in the trucking industry where vehicles and tyres are in constant use. To avoid punctures and blowouts as well as ensure long tread life, tyres on commercial vehicles must be properly inflated, maintained and inspected. The TPMS is a system that can effectively help drivers be aware of tyre problems in real time and manage them in real time, such as changes in tyre pressure, to avoid dangerous and expensive road incidents. Thus, we cannot over-emphasise the need for this safety device,” said Senior Branch Manager Lee Chin How.

The Seetron TP2 consists of a display module, repeater and TPM sensors. According to him, the TP2’s display module has many advantages. For instance, all in one display technology in the TFT display touch panel, RF receiver and LF hand-tool. It has a variety of vehicle selection with 9 types of trucks, 8 types of buses, including articulated buses, and 14 types of trailers. Moreover, it could monitor full trailers (trailer 1 + trailer 2) and has multiple repeater functions.

Lee explained that the multiple repeaters for tractors and trailers could deliver real time information to the driver. The majority of vehicles could work with one repeater that was installed between the monitor and rear tyre axle. The repeater should be located according to the wireless signal strength and distance.

“As there is no cable connection between the monitor in the cabin and the repeater under the frame, the installation is easy. The multiple repeaters and receiver can be used for special equipment vehicles or long body vehicles.”

The TP2 TPMS could offer fleet operators many advantages, he said. It would alert the drivers when the tyre pressure was low or the tyre was overheating. “Apart from improving safety and reducing breakdowns, in the long run the operators would gain financial benefits from more consistent and precise inflation maintenance, better tread wear and longer casing life that allows more retreads. The tyre life span is increased by 10 to 25 per cent and fuel savings by up to 2 per cent.”

Lee also disclosed the company’s plans of launching the smartphone version of TPMS by the end of the year.

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