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Bills Logistic Solution Invests in Seetron TPMS for Safety

Bills Logistic Solution Seetron TPMS

Bills Logistic Solution Sdn Bhd, a transportation service provider based in Klang, Selangor, has invested in the Seetron TP2 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) since 2015.

Investment in Seetron TPMS by Bills Logistic Solution

The founder of the company, Chiew Keng Kah, told Truck & Bus News that Bills Logistic Solution planned to renew its fleet and all the new trucks were equipped with TPMS. To date, the company had invested in 20 TPMS systems.

Bills Logistic Solution was founded in 2007 and started as a small agency. It provides transportation services in the Klang Valley, Nilai, Melaka, Muar, Johor Bahru and especially to Singapore.

“To meet customers’ expectations, we need to invest in new technology and systems so that we could provide excellent services,” Chew said.

Early detection of problems

Seetron TPMS is a system that could effectively help drivers be aware of a tyre problem in real time such as the change in tyre pressure and temperature. There is an alarm alert when the tyre pressure is running low or it is overheating.

“From a tyre function perspective, it is actually the air that runs the show, not the tyre itself. So, it is very important to realise the change in air pressure. With this system, we could control the air pressure and detect the problem at a very initial stage. Therefore, we could solve the issue before it becomes a bigger one.”

The majority of Bills Logistic Solution’s customers are involved in transporting and handling heavy construction materials such as steel and cement. Earliy detection of problems could prevent tyre punctures or blowouts, brake lock-ups or truck fires.

Chiew explained that 10 years ago, most fleet operators used old trucks and cheap spare-parts, and paid drivers low wages. In the traditional way, the driver used a stick to hit the tyre and feel the air pressure. This was was seen as very dangerous as it was an inaccurate way to determine tyre pressure.

“The landscape has changed in recent years. We feel that the human resource management is very important now. With the TPMS system, we could provide a harmonious and happy environment for our staff and drivers. Both the drivers and management staff could detect the problem and remind each other to attend to the problem immediately. I think this makes it a must to invest in the TPMS system.”

Cost saving for long term

“Most of our transportation services are to Singapore. It’s a long haul journey and our operation time is during midnight. It is difficult to find rescue services during an emergency and the roadside service cost is very high.”

The TPMS system is said to help the company minimise the cost and enhance the tyre life span, fuel savings and cost savings in the long run.

The challenge of investing in this TPMS system is on the driver’s education. Some drivers doesn’t want to solve the problem although there is an alert.

The company has provided its drivers a seminar or training to teach them how to spot tyre problems by using the TPMS system, the right way to drive and inform them of the dire results that might occur if the problems were not solved immediately.

Quality Trailer Parts provide superb support

Quality Trailer Parts Sdn Bhd, a member of the YonMing Group, is the sole distributor of Seetron TP2 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for trucks, trailers and buses.

“We have confidence in YonMing as we have almost 20 years of business relationship with them. We purchased a variety of products from them , such as trucks and spare-parts. The products that they provide are all high in quality and they are known for good and efficient after-sales service and support. Although the market has many similar products, we still opt to buy from them,” said Chiew.

Lee Chin How, Senior Brand Manager of Quality Trailer Parts, said the Seetron TP2 consisted of a display monitor, repeater and TPM sensors. The advantage of the system included easy installation, not causing a scratch on the rim, no corrosion and rust on the rim, a sensor cover to protect the sensor hole from the inflow of balancing head and light materials being used to save freight charge.

Besides that, the system also consisted of a TP2-phone and a leading-edge smartphone APP developed by Seetron that was the first full function TPMS APP for CV TPMS. The bus driver could use a smart phone as a display monitor.

Most modern truck/bus drivers have a smart phone and this item could serve to provide relevant displays and other useful functions.

万里物流基于安全投资Seetron TPMS

万里行物流有限公司是一家位于雪兰莪巴生的运输服务供应商,自2015年起开始投资Seetron TP2胎压监测系统(TPMS)。





Seetron TPMS是一种可以有效帮助司机实时了解轮胎问题的系统,例如轮胎压力和温度的变化。当轮胎压力不足或过热时,该系统会发出警报提示。

“从轮胎功能的角度来看,实际上运行的是空气,而不是轮胎本身。 因此,发现气压变化非常重要。 透过该系统,我们可以控制气压并且在最初阶段检测到问题。 因此,我们可以在问题变得更大之前解决小问题。”



“近年市场发生了变化。 我们认为人力资源管理非常重要。 透过TPMS系统,我们可以为员工和司机提供和谐愉快的工作环境。 司机和管理人员都可以及早发现问题,并且提醒对方立即处理。 我认为投资TPMS系统是必要的。”


“我们大部分的运输服务都是前往新加坡。 那是长途的工作,我们的营运时间都在午夜。 在紧急情况下很难找到救援服务,而且在道路上的维修成本非常高。”




Quality Trailer Parts 提供卓越支援

Quality Trailer Parts 私人有限公司是洋珉集团的成员,也是适用于卡车、拖车和巴士Seetron TP2胎压监测系统(TPMS)的独家经销商。

周庆佳表示:“我们对洋珉集团充满信心,因为我们彼此合作了近二十年。我们从该公司购买各式产品,例如卡车和零件。他们提供的产品品质优良,并且以卓越的售后服务和支援而闻名。 虽然市场上有很多类似的商品,但我们仍然选择向他们购买。”

Quality Trailer Parts高级分行经理李京豪表示,Seetron TP2系统是由显示监视器、中继器和TPM感应器组成。该系统的优点包括容易安装,不会在轮辋上造成划痕,不会导致轮辋腐蚀或生锈,感应器盖可以保护感应器孔免受平衡器或轻型物质流入,以减低运输费用。

此外,该系统还包括一台TP2手机和由Seetron开发的智能手机APP,这是第一款用于CV TPMS的全功能TPMS APP。巴士司机可以使用智能手机作为显示屏。


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