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Palfinger Aims for Further Growth in Malaysia

Palfinger Aims Growth Malaysia

Palfinger is working closely with KTC Crane & Equipment Sdn Bhd to enhance our presence and influence in Malaysia.

Palfinger to Further Expand in Malaysia

Palfinger has been in the Malaysian market for many years. As an international group Palfinger offers its customers around the world hydraulic lifting solutions at the interface of the transport chain. At the moment Palfinger operates business in 17 sectors: loader cranes, Epsilon timber and recycling cranes, marine cranes, davit system, access platforms, tail lifts, passenger lifts, mobile cranes, truck bodies, rope access professionals, railway systems, truck-mounted forklifts as well as attachments and equipment for increasing crane efficiency. Palfinger’s main product is the hydraulic loader crane, renowned for its user friendliness and high efficiency. With more than 120 models and a market share of more than 30 per cent, Palfinger is the world’s market leader in this segment.

The continuous upholding of its brand promise – ‘Lifetime Excellence’ – has earned the company a reputation for dependability, durability and performance in the industry. However, over the past two decades, the brand in Malaysia was developed and built through word-of-mouth channels and by being visible in the industry. There was not so much on various brand and marketing campaigns.

“We are working closely with KTC Crane & Equipment Sdn Bhd to enhance our presence and influence in Malaysia. As one of our focus markets, we are keen and ready to invest in Malaysia to establish our status as market leader. Today’s handover event signals our strong interest in the local market,” said Palfinger Asia Pacific Pte Ltd General Manager James Liu.

The company’s relationship with KTC Crane & Equipment started in 2006 and KTC has expressed its keenness to further grow the brand lately. In conjunction with the handover event held at Putrajaya Marriot Hotel, Palfinger Asia Pacific took the opportunity to ink an exclusive dealership contract with KTC Crane & Equipment. The company is now its exclusive dealer for Palfinger knuckle boom cranes in Malaysia.

“Partnering with KTC Crane & Equipment has not only brought us closer to the customers and helped us better understand the local market needs and requirement, it has also enabled us to penetrate the Malaysian market more efficiently, including segments that we never entered before. As a leading manufacturer of innovative lifting solutions for use on commercial vehicles and in the maritime field, we like to share our expertise and knowledge with the industry. Going forward, we would engage ourselves more with the market and support our dealers by co-investing in their events such as product handovers, exhibitions and other marketing campaigns. Our role is to offer the right solutions, services, marketing as well as technical support to our customers and dealers. To be able to do that, we need to participate in their strategic thinking.”

Continuality, he stressed, was vital for business stability and growth. “Our strong partnership with KTC ensures that our Malaysian customers experience continuality in their business and aftermarket support. This is important to build trust and confidence for our customers. It is also essential that the business continues to grow with the same vision and level of motivation going forward.”

“The economic outlook for Asia Pacific remains strong and the region continues to be the main growth engine of the global economy. In Palfinger Asia Pacific, we do not stand still. We are consistently tracking the developments in key markets in our region; fine-tuning our market approach and marketing strategy as well as intensifying our distribution channels.”

Moving forward, Liu revealed that the company’s goal was to accelerate growth in the region and see it as the growth engine for Palfinger. “We are looking at developing new dealers, with the aim to leverage opportunities in China ‘Belt Road Initiative’ and the on-going infrastructure race in Southeast Asia. To realise this, we would like to take a more proactive role in understanding our customers and supporting dealers in sales and service tools, training and marketing.”

Founded in 2006, Singapore-based Palfinger Asia Pacific is the regional headquarters for Palfinger. It is responsible for distributing the entire range of Palfinger and Sanypalfinger products in the region. Together with its dealers, the company covers around 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Its outreach spans Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Pakistan and Guam.


帕尔菲格在大马市场已经有很多年的历史了。作为国际集团,帕尔菲格为全球的客户提供在运输链界面上的液压起重解决方案。目前,帕尔菲格涉猎17个领域:起重机、Epsilon林业与回收业、船用起重机、吊艇架系统、高空作业平台、尾板、乘客用尾板、移动式起重机、卡车车身、专业绳索高空作业平台(rope access professionals)、铁路系统、随车吊,以及提高起重效率的辅助装备。帕尔菲格的主要产品是液压随车起重机(随车吊),操作简单和高效使它远近知名。帕尔菲格集团是全球起重机领域的市场领导者, 拥有超过120多款起重机产品和超过30%的市场占有率。

持续秉持其品牌承诺— “ 终身卓越(Lifetime Excellence)”使该公司在业界赢得可靠、耐用性及性能佳的美誉。然而,在过去的20年,该品牌在大马的发展靠的主要是口碑和在行业里的可见度,极少主办品牌和营销活动。


该公司与KTC起重机及设备的关系始于2006年,而KTC近日表达了它 进一步发展该品牌的心志。配合在布城万豪酒店(Putrajaya Marriote Hotel)举行的移交仪式,帕尔菲格借此机会与KTC 起重机及设备签订独家代理合约。该公司如今是帕尔菲格折臂起重机在马来西亚的独家代理。


他强调说,持续性对业务的稳定性和成长极为重要。“我们与KTC 的坚固伙伴关系,确保我们的客户在他们业务和售后支援中体验到持续性。这对建立客户对我们的信赖与信心非常重要。当然,业务拥有相同的愿景和动力继续不断增长和向前迈进也同样重要。”




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