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New Hino 200 Series Light Truck Makes Debut in Malaysia

Hino 200 Series Malaysia

Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (HMSM) recently added the Hino 200, a new series, to its Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) line-up.

Mighty Bakery Pre-Booked 10 New Hino 200 Series

The new Hino 200 Series, according to the company, is In line with its aim of being the most ‘customer-centric’ and reliable commercial vehicle company in the country that provides ‘Best-fit Products’ and ‘Total Support’ according to customer needs. It is currently the only new vehicle model available for customers who need this segment. The other options would be to upgrade to 4.5-5 tonne, downgrade to 2.1 tonne or buy a used/rebuilt truck if they still want a 3.6-tonne truck.

“Equipped with features to gain easy access to smaller or narrow roads and the need for changes in the commercial vehicles industry, the new Hino 200 Series is one of our products that we have worked on to achieve customer satisfaction,” said Managing Director Atsushi Uchiyama at the launch ceremony. Also present was Hino Motors Asia (HMA) Chief Officer Masahiro Kumasaka.

There was a pre-booking ceremony for Mighty Bakery Sdn Bhd, which ordered 10 new Hino 200 Series trucks. Uchiyama presented a mock key to Mighty Bakery Director Rodney Khor.

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日野汽车销售(马来西亚)私人有限公司(HMSM)为其轻型商用车(LCV)产品线添加了日野 200系列。

据日野表示,全新日野200系列的推出,符合该公司成为国内最以客为中心和最可靠商用车公司,为客户提供最适合产品和全面支持客户需求的目标。它是目前唯一能够满足该细分市场需要的新车型。客户的其他选择是购买4.5吨至5吨,或2.1吨的卡车。如果他们仍然想要购买3.6 吨卡车,就只能购买二手/翻新卡车。

董事经理内山厚志(Atsushi Uchiyama )在发布会上表示:“崭新的日野200系列配备了易于进入较小或狭窄道路等符合商用车行业变化需求的功能,它是我们努力实现客户满意度的产品之一。”与会的还有日野汽车亚洲(HMA) 首席执行长熊坂正弘(Masahiro Kumasaka)。

该公司也特别在发布会上为预购了10辆新日野200系列卡车的Mighty Bakery私人有限公司,举行了一个简单的移交模拟钥匙仪式,由内山厚志将模拟钥匙交付给Mighty Bakery总监Rodney Khor……


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